Lady Sekhmet's story of the Sekhmet Talismans

I am dancing. Finally! This is great because I'm starting to flow with the energies. This means I'm just learning how to really honor and act upon my intuitive gifts. This has not always been the case.

Before the Journey. I had always made an unpleasant habit of approaching my creativity with a rigid control. Without realising it, I strangled my gifted intuitive self. My initial ideas were always inspired but somehow I would make the creative act no fun at all. I would make check lists and inwardly comment upon my lack of progress and use any excuse to criticise myself. Because my inner critic was so relentless, I could not stand the heart-break of real criticism. To "protect" myself, I seldom put myself into anything I did and usually let my client call the shots. Predictably, my illustrations were wooden, unexpressive and devoid of life--because I was.

I fled to Graphic design--I even got a Master's Degree in it. Even with a refined sense of typography, I could never find any jobs doing it. It eventually dawned on me that Sekhmet had something to do with my bad luck. A thriving graphics design career would assure that I would never return to my true vocation as Her Sacred Artist.

So it came to be that one day, Sekhmet directed that I create 108 little Sekhmet talismans on papyrus. I was to give them away to those people which Sekhmet pointed out. This was several years ago. I am now on the road towards self-discovery as both a sacred artist and as a Sekhmet priestess. I have discovered there is a relationship between creativity and sexuality which I continue to explore. But I have learned that giving without expectation of receiving holds power. But it also holds some surprises.


Lady Sekhmet's story of the Sekhmet Talismans

This artwork, for me, represents the beginning of fulfilling the need to "Multiply the Images of Sekhmet," a desire of the Goddess first stated in Robert Master's THE GODDESS SEKHMET book.

Sekhmet is an Egyptian solar warrior-goddess of fire, transformation and healing. Sekhmet teaches us many things about the nature of fear. She is both destroyer and a creatrix who provides the opportunity to actively release and transform our energy. In Her aspect as a Dark Goddess, Sekhmet helps people experience death and mourn personal losses and unrealised dreams. The ferocity of Her lessons are in direct proportion to our resistance in learning them.

I was a priestess of Sekhmet before I became Her sacred artist. Although I had been dedicated to Her for five years, Sekhmet did not become active with me until the comet Hyutake appeared in the sky. That's when Sekhmet instructed me to begin the process of gathering together Her once and future priestesses. Sekhmet also instructed me to paint Her image on papyrus.

So I depicted the Goddess Sekhmet in Her Empowerment Position:

Her stance is active with Her right foot one half a step forward. Sekhmet holds the ankh, symbolic of life, in Her left hand. In Her right, Sekhmet holds the lotus scepter, representative of growth. Sekhmet's hieroglyphs appear in red inside a cartouche to signify Her Divinity is being contained within physical form. The hieroglyphs to the right mean Sekhmet offers Protection (sa), Life (ankh), Stability (djed) and Power (waz or uuas). She is wearing red, the color of blood, rebirth, life and vitality. Surrounding her solar orb is a uraeus, a cobra representing realized kundalini. Sekhmet accepted the image then directed me to paint another 107 of them.

Between 1996 and 1997, I hand-painted one hundred eight miniature Sekhmets on payrus and gifted them to those whom Sekhmet indicated should receive one. I found it easy to give to people I liked. It was more difficult to give my precious little Sekhmet images to people I didn't particularly care for. But mostly, Sekhmet had me gift them to strangers. I did not fully appreciate the significance these little images had for people until sometime later. I'd thought Sekhmet was giving me a lesson in giving without expectation of reward.

But stories began to trickle back to me about what effect they were having upon people and their circumstances. I became amazed by the accounts I heard such as the man whose neighborhood was devastated by a hurricane--everything was gone, except for his house. He had framed the Sekhmet papyrus and had it on his wall.

I began to call my little paintings "talismans" because they seemed to act as powerful charms for healing and protection.


Here is one of the stories:


I thought I would share my Sekhmet story and what is going on in my life that is Sekhmet related:

A little more than 5 years ago, I was hit by a drunk driver running a red light and I has badly injured. A friend of mine, "Lady Sekhmet" sent me a Sekhmet talisman to help me through the chaos and pain. That was when things started going well for me.

When I received the talisman, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had already gone through 30+ docs and I was still getting worse. A nursing service came by often to give me demerol and lasix injections just to make life tolerable. But I focused on Sekhmet and life changed.

The first change came in the form of an abandoned newborn kitten. My intellect told me that animals are great medicine but I just didn't realized the power they do wield. Gotta love the lioness-headed goddess! So I went from suicidal thoughts to actually smiling from time to time. The kitten was the first "Great Gift" as the cat (Hobie Beaufort) took huge amounts of stress out of my life and the life of my wife.

And I focused on Sekhmet.

And I woke up one day in May of '98 and realized, with quite a shock, that my back didn't hurt like it did. I was shocked again when I couldn't remember when the nurses were last out. It had been months! The constant pain and injections had became things of the past and I just didn't notice them fading from my life. My lower back was better, my right scapula had completely healed and my neck was in much better shape than it had been in since 1993.

Critics can chant "western medicine healed you" all they want, but the docs had written me off completely and resigned themselves to just "maintaining the disease." I had attended med school for a year and knew that the docs had already reached the end of their 'expertise." Nothing changed until Darlene, the Lady Sekhmet, set me clearly on the path of Sekhmet.


So the docs classified my return to health as 'anomalous" and released me to go to work, as if I was paying these guys any attention anymore. But jobs were hard to come by. Once an employer finds out that you have had back problems, it is like you have leprosy. One man told me that he would never hire someone like me because if my "back went out again, his insurance would have to pay for it." And simply telling an interviewer that you haven't worked for 5 years doesn't cut it.

So Sekhmet stepped in and got me a temp gig and I feel that this job is to get me by until something comes along that allows me to pay off the hospitals. Oh yeah, the drunk wasn't insured...

Drink deep and stay warm--StormBear@aol.com


Sekhmet helped me to recognise the potential of who I am. Through stories like this, I slowly became aware that I am not only an artist, but I am a Sacred Artist. Even though we live in a world which does not recognise the value of sacred art, nonetheless, sacred artists are still born, even though we may not be thriving.

The discipline and effort it took to create a multitude of small paintings has returned me to my destiny. I used to worry, and sometimes I still do, about how egotistical it all sounds--to be a vessel of The Living Goddess. But this is my Truth and proclaiming it here is also a part of Sekhmet's Great plan. I can be none other than who I am. I shall no longer make excuses or apologise for it. Darlene/Lady Sekhmet

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