From A Monument to the End of Time

by Daniel Roads and Tim Sloan

In the course of researching the mysteries unveiled by Fulcanelli, the authors generated an enormous amount of material that either will be covered in much less depth, or not covered at all, in their work, A Monument to the End of Time. Since much of this information is both valuable in its own right and useful in understanding the larger sweep of the story itself, the authors have decided to publish the bulk of this material on this website.

Included are an examination of the history of alchemy and eschatology from 1st century Alexandria to the Black Death; a glimpse at the Grail legends in their historical context; a new look at the historical reality of King Arthur; a study of Ahkenaton and the origins of monotheism; speculation on the star-birth Bardo of Orion; a long exploration of spiritualism, UFOs and the effect of popular culture on our perception of reality; and finally, a presentation on the geometry of the Gnosis Gnomon, the labyrinth and the Celestial Tree of Life.