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Sangraal is derived from San, from Sanctus or Saint, and Graal, the Ketlic word for Vase.

Sangraal = Holy Grail

This site is a fan site paying homage to the original authors who shared their amazing insights, research, and philosophies – Mr. Ray Flowers, Mr. Vincent Bridges, and Mr. Jay Weidner.

As LONG TIME fans of their original site, we have done our best to rebuild their website so you can enjoy their works as we have over the years.

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Sacred Artists of the Living Goddess Sekhmet

This web-site was created to honor the creative side of Sekhmet, the lioness-headed Goddess of ancient Egypt whose many titles and names include: "Mother of Images," "At Whose Wish the Arts were Born," "The Source," and "Beautiful Face, Image most Beloved by Art."...

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