During the Ptolemaic period in Egyptian history, Greek philosophers and mathematicians flocked into Egypt to grok the greatest wealth of knowledge on the planet. Plutarch… Pythagoras… Plato, and others documented this research and left us with volumes of information. The study of proportion is one small but significant area of their research. As one examines the temple structures in Egypt, it becomes increasingly obvious, and late research confirms [*R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz] that the temples were designed and built according to Phi proportion.

Leonardo da Vinci understood that Man [*Canon of Man] was intended in the proportion of Phi and indeed much of the natural world was Phi based. In the anatomy of Man, the spinal vertebrae are relative to each other in the Phi ratio. The Nautilus shell spirals in the Phi ratio. Plants and trees grow in the Phi ratio. The Earth and Moon have this same relationship. The sunflower is a wonderful example of the spiraling effect of Phi. Look at a pine cone and find the same relationship of Phi… in two directions at the same time.

“Man achieves the height of Wisdom when all that he does is as self evident as what Nature does” [*I Ching] This statement, written perhaps 4000 years ago, yields direction and insight to the research in Phi.

We know that Nature knows Phi. We also know that the ancient architects used Phi extensively in the temples. We believe that they knew exactly what they were doing and that the reason they were doing it was to set up a vibration in which Man could feel Phi and reflect the vibration. When one encounters the vibrations of the Egyptian Temples, there becomes a reflection which eludes description. This is the Vibration of Symbol. It is similar to the reflection we receive when encountering an old growth forest. It can virtually be breathtaking without adequate description. This is the Symbol that Nature gives us for reflection. Symbol and Harmony define the Nature of Vibration.

We live in a Waveform Universe

Everything that exists in this Universe occurs in the form of a wave and we describe the experience in terms of Vibration. When a Vibration occurs simultaneously with another Vibration we view the composite together and define it in terms of it?s Harmony. Harmony is therefore the relationship of one Vibration with another ,or the relationship of one Symbol with another. Harmony exists among people… planets… and galaxies… and among trees… flowers… and stones… and among Temples… Art… and Tones. The art of the Tibetan Yantras which were designed to elevate one?s consciousness demonstrate the interaction of Man and Symbol. Hymns are also another means to elevate one?s consciousness and demonstrate the interaction between Man and Harmony. Our current understanding of the Harmonic relationships of tones in a scale, in terms of mathematics, is that one note is relative to the next note according to the twelfth root of two. This formula yields our chromatic scale of twelve notes. Further mathematical adjustment yields the major and minor scales. This is the music we know. It is Jazz… R&B..;. classical…Country… and BLUES… It is the harmonic vibration that our ears perceive… and that we are readily able to process. We have researched the mathematics to the point that we are able to alter the formula slightly and achieve different brain wave effects. [*Dr. Ed Wilson, Monroe Institute] We have done our homework with the twelfth root of two and discovered that even slightly altering the tones we can achieve a calculated effect. We have also done a little homework with the Phi Harmonic relationship of tones and that is precisely what we can share.

*Self Evident… as the I Ching describes… or Self Awareness as others describe is the ultimate goal of this researcher. Any progress in the field of Self Awareness is connected to the understanding of that which is Nature. Nature is the stuff within which we Vibrate. It is the Principle in which we endure. It is Wisdom to the seeker. Nature assumes the Phi Harmonic…

The idea of experiencing Phi Harmonics came from The Flower of Life Workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek in the winter of 1993. The Merkaba Meditation involves Spherical breathing techniques and balancing geometric shapes, and spinning in the Phi ratio. The experience with Drunvalo was life-changing to the point that this writer now teaches a Merkaba Weekend Workshop, has enjoyed rendering this workshop throughout the southeastern United States and Canada, and has had one very memorable Merkaba Workshop in the Temples and along the Nile in Egypt.

Thank you Drunvalo!

Is there an instrument that plays Phi-Cycle ?

The truth of the matter is yes… but we can play the human body in Phi only when we remember how it is done. There are instructions. Tuning a guitar in Phi may be counterproductive. Maybe it?s good for you. Many of the string instruments sound like way out of tune garbage can lids. There are no notes on a regular keyboard that correspond with Phi. Even with a joy stick and a frequency analyzer there is no point of reference. We began to call ourselves NPR because there was just no point of reference.

A Valentine?s Day gift came in the person of Richard Schulman. It seems that the Korg M 1 has the capability of producing specific tones in contrast to the non variable tones produced on most keyboard apparatus. The decision was made to proceed in the key of… F… feeling that… F… was the key of love. Five tones in Phi were produced and shared with a dozen or so people. Each of the people claimed a remarkable experience and animated continuance of the project.

The short recording… approximately 30 seconds… was just enough to experience a feeling of adjustment in the chakras and an opening of some sort. We needed a longer recording of the tones in order to allow more time for assimilation. Opportunity arrived in late April when another Korg M 1 was made available and joy… joy… a binaural sound tone generator. We now had the ability to choose a specific tone and build around that tone. The big question now was what specific tone do we use. Greek gemetria led us to 136.10Hz… By calculating the orbits of the planets, specific fractal vibrations were assigned to each planet and 136.10 was what the Greeks determined to be the specific vibration of Earth. It also seemed to be the vibration of OM. We layered five tones in Phi Harmonics and found ourselves very much in respect of the valuable project in which we had embarked. We named the tones Earth Tones for obvious reasons and began to experiment in our meditations. We expected that by experiencing Phi Harmonics we could reach a point of heart opening and further our ability to come from a place of love. We got that and much more. At phirst we thought that we had a handle on Phi. As time progressed, we learned that only our conscious selves had the handle. Resolution came with time. We must explore the handle phirst:

Primary effects:

1. We could feel changes in our gut. Each one of us experienced the gut effect… some felt that it was moving down and others felt that the sounds were releasing energy in specific glands. Areas from just below the sternum, including the solar plexus, on both sides of the abdomen were the most common. There were other reports of lower intestinal “jams”, and later the consensus confirmed some degree of mild constipation despite the fact that our diet was primarily vegetarian with rice… Relating to the gut feeling, the group felt that the lower chakras were also being in some way… opened. Sometimes in meditations the feeling of a chakra opening in the front of the body is very profound, particularly one that has seemed closed for a time. We all felt that the chakras opened in the front and back at the same time and it was almost shocking to have that new feeling of openness all at once. There seemed to be a continuous flow of energy from back to front… from front to back… up and down… down and up… These lower centers were not the only areas effected.

2.” The next time we do this we need to measure our heads. At the time this statement seemed funny to everybody. Later it seemed that all of us were having this experience, and even later, as the experiments continued with others, this feeling would occur again and again. Some people felt that it was right brain oriented an others felt it to be left brain oriented. Still others felt this as compression all over the head. At some point everyone said that the crown opened and some had the feeling that a beam of light from the third eye could actually be another appendage.

3. Reorientation was an expression which occurred quite often. It felt like the room would change somewhat… or after closing and opening the eyes, there would be brief lapse… or an instant of remembering. Later this would be somewhat redefined to include remembering different past or future life experiences without much definition. At one point this was very frustrating because none of us could put a finger on exactly what was happening in this regard. Later we would learn more.

4. Triggering seemed a good way to describe remembering releases and flowing into whatever thought form that may have happened at the time. Many short bursts of remembering might be a better way to describe this experiencing… The research notes are full of the term triggering.

5. Hot and glowing hands. All of our research group possess some sort of healing experience. Reiki… Massage… Merkaba… Wicca… and Sound Healing modalities are among the talents of the group and each one of us has experienced the phenomena of hot or glowing hands on other occasions. This occasion was different somewhat because there was no apparent attempt to send energy… only to experience the effects of Phi Harmonics. We all found ourselves in the healing mode apparently perpetuated by the tones. We also found ourselves using hand mudras for balancing without having discussed the intent beforehand.

6. The Standing Wave The experience of Phi Harmonics established an area with an aura. Even when the tones were not being played there was a continuance of the energy. It was like being in a energy vortex area for weeks after the initial research was completed. Visitors who were not part of the project and knew nothing of our research commented about the energy of the room. Being in the standing wave was a part of everyone?s research notes.

7. OBE The common thread of individual experience among our researchers was that we all had out of body experiences. Some were slight and some were profound.

8. Unity Consciousness was coupled with the OBE. Not only did the OBE occur independently but we found ourselves in Unity Out Of Body. The out of body experiences that this researcher has encountered has been mostly in a tunnel of light alone or flying alone. The experience of being together with other people in this tunnel is a new one. The apparent ability to work with others in healing in this light tunnel contains monumental potential.

[* Researchers Note: We all encounter the visible effects of the invisible and sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes not. The profound effects of Unity/OBE must be treated with love and understanding and must be a part of a greater Intent than experimentation or self importance. We asked permission to do this project and received permission. The sharing of information about our research comes with great love and compassion to anyone who embarks upon this venture.]

9. Relaxed, Energized and Somewhat Sleepless This Phi Harmonic research project occurred for three days in early May 1996. Researchers noted that after participating all day in what could have been a very exhausting project, there was a relaxed and balanced feeling of contentment. Noted also was the feeling of energized excitement. We wanted to keep doing it and felt that a degree of addiction may be inherent. We were so excited that sleep eluded us.

Consciousness and Manifestation

“Consciousness… knows only how to break… separate… and fragment what is… then rebuild with pieces. Man is not a creator. He has one power; that of negation… it is the great gift… the gift of salvation, which is accorded him through his fall, but man cannot create… he can only procreate. He has the right of choice in using his power for or against himself. His salvation consists in learning how to use it against himself… against his illusion… against his “I”… this “I” which separates and isolates the individual from the Whole…” [Schwaller de Lubicz, Nature Word]

The First Inexorable Power in the Egyptian Mystery Schools is the ability to understand the nature of The Primal Oneness alone in the void and His/Her First step in Manifestation: REFLECTION. The Primal Oneness is called Ik and the reflection is called Ki. Ik is the unnamed unknowable Primal God and Ki reflects this principal in its other polarity potential. Thus male and female… the same but different… is God and God?s reflection. What happens next is comparison and subtraction. God compares himself to himself and subtracts… thus the DUALITY. As above… so below. The second step is Mer… PROCREATION… which combines the IK and KI… the sexual polarities of the Primal Oneness… and balancing occurs. This is Merkaba… From the Egyptian point of view, this process is imitated in all Manifestation. Reflecting one?s self is the first step in Manifestation and combining and balancing the polarities of self is the second step. MER containing KA [spirit] and BA [astral soul body]and counter rotating these fields of energy in Phi Proportion is MERKABA. This Academic knowledge becomes more skilled when combined with Experiential Wisdom. Phi Harmonics provides this Experiential Wisdom… Inside… through Vibration… Harmony with Oneness occurs and Manifestation becomes and is the Symbol of Unity.

Our little group of researchers did our homework to understand Phi Harmonics. It was a month later that we realized that everyone in our group had manifested what was in our hearts during the research period. Fear and trembling… joy in balance… questions about what we had really experienced made us stop and take a good look at our progress and redefine our direction. We had approached the collective consciousness and Unity through Phi Harmonics and Merkaba which is All the same.

Thanks to those who contribute to the sharability of this consciousness.

Merkaba and Phi Harmonics

The following is an account, edited from notes on a July Merkaba Workshop:

“As I went deeper into delta… and then into a place which I had never been before, the meditation took on an illumination with an unusual amount of Light and space in which to “see”. It was like an out of body experience… but more an inner space experience. If implosion describes the experience, it?s the first. There was a world of peace and understanding which was not unlike the experiences in the temples of Egypt which took time to unravel. The tunnel of light describes it best. The OBE/Unity occurred with Guides and Angles. The very intent used to assist the students in understanding Merkaba was being dramatically reflected to the teacher. The room was coming back into focus as I opened my eyes to find that everyone was talking quietly and waiting to continue with the workshop.. It was like the room information that I was receiving was coming to me in portions of information. First it seemed that there were breaks in the room information… and then it seemed to be coming as mirror images reflecting information in small fragments all over the field of vision. These fragments took on a spherical feel… like little balls of thought that seemed to float in and out of consciousness. It almost seemed that I had to shatter my way back into consciousness. Each portion of information seemed clear in context but integrating these portions was difficult. I realized that there were words being spoken and probably directed to me ..but they were being received the same way the room information was being received… in fragmented portions… like nodules or spheres of input that did and did not relate. I knew where I was… and what I was doing and no fear was associated with the experience… but there had been a new experience…”

For me, the understanding of being fragmented in the chaos of renewal took on an entirely new meaning. We need to become Self Aware and experience, without fear, all that Life offers… for we are the Fruit of the Last Great Cycle of Becoming on Earth and we have much to learn. The students seemed aware of my experience with Phi and Merkaba. The Merkaba Host.. Zepher’s in Knoxville, Tennessee asked if I would return in the fall for another workshop. The students agreed that more study and research in Phi Harmonics and Merkaba would aid us all in healing and the Ascension Process.

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