I am trying to follow some of your logic but get lost in the terms.
combining multiple sounds of different wave form can give some very
interesting effect but i fail to understand how you are combining them
with light. Light is electromagnetic and sound is pressure.

The solution, as I see it, is to phase lock the two vibrations. A row of
billiard balls to the moon…. ,.05cm apart would take time to reach the
moon if struck from Earth. If they were touching, the vibration would reach
the Moon at the speed of light. Let’s call this Longitudinal vibration. If
one of the same billiard balls were tossed into a lake, it would create a 3d
wave in the water. Let’s call this Transverse Vibration. Transverse
Vibration is like a sound wave. If you could imagine the line of billiard
balls (Longitudinal, Light) going into the Transverse water wave, there
would be an instant of wave heterodyne, or Conjugation (maybe three octaves).
If there was a large scale Phase Discipline, the two Vibrations would merge
more easily. The question is , Can we use the Sound Hologram to effect or
modulate the Light Hologram? Is it possible to Phase Lock the two
Vibrations. We are living proof. We are 80% water and we live in the sun.

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