The human, a multidimensional being demands evolution from its unconscious (darkness) state to consciousness (light), and eventually reunion with the Divine. Constant growth and change occurs around and within our condition regardless of whether or not we consciously choose or direct it in our universe of incessant, sweeping motion. The Swiss psychologist, Dr. C.G. Jung, made a somewhat casual allusion to this involuntary, incessant growth as ?action through inaction.? Regardless of whether we consciously participate in the motion that drives us as individuals, growth continues and all activity reaches some stage of resolve, or balance in its due course. When in direct touch with the highest state of our consciousness, we catch a brief glimpse of that driving force that maintains the shifting state of our universe.

However, since most of the time we are bound within four dimensions of our multidimensional being, we cannot always consciously see or feel the entirety of the levels of atomic change all around us. The earth rotates and we become accustomed to our 16,000 mile per hour revolutionary journey through the cosmos. All the cosmos is in motion – yet the ever swirling mass of materiality within the individual in tune to the revolution of the third dimension, seemingly remains in place. The atoms in our body vibrate, rapidly intermingling our consciousness between one realm and another. Still we feel as if we are standing quite still, passing through measured motion. Thus we experience the measured activity of our lives through the cosmos as ?time.?

Throughout time and other dimensions, our multidimensional selves fulfill an existence referred to by the ancients as the Macrocosm-Microcosm. As stated by Hermes Trismegistus,

“True without deceit, certain and most true – what is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below, for the performing of the marvels of the one thing.”

The entire cosmos and the parts of the human – spirit, soul, mental, emotional, and physical integrate to form our multidimensional experience. But, seldom do the components of the human meet in unison making the Macrocosm-Microcosm highly evident to individual consciousness. The Union and Reunion of Opposites must occur, and when reuniting, a clash occurs unlike any personal, human event ever experienced. Before this reunion with the Divine can complete the process, a ?Battle of the Shadows? is waged yielding and purging the ancient shadows of the entire history of the soul. This battle occurs within many dimensions simultaneously, and only when we reach a state of higher awareness and conquer the fear within ourselves can we see the fullest truths of it clearly. It is only then through fortitude and courage that we can honestly know ourselves.

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

Why have I suffered?

Where am I going?


The personal answers to these questions can only be answered when the spirit, soul, mental, emotional, and physical bodies reach enlightened alignment (reunion) in order for one to coincide, know, and understand the other. This is not accomplished through casual measures and the entirety of the process is not for the meek, but requires massive fortitude and faith which survives highest logic.

Ensuing throughout life and culminating at the time of death, many words and various approaches at spiritual and psychological philosophy can be used to describe the battle. But, for the sake of leading the mind into deeper realms of the esoteric body, and therefore into deeper personal spiritual thought, the purging of the life form from the lower vibrational, densely encompassing dross that attempts to use the soul as a host is herein referred to as the Battle of the Shadows, and the language used to describe it will direct one toward spiritual ideals.

There exists an innate division in human consciousness which allows a unified force of dense, dark vibration (sons of darkness) to thrive in our veiled, binary dimension. While consciousness (light) does not have stages – we have stages of awareness of it. The fall from consciousness, the state of highest vibration, to unconscious, the dark ocean of unconsciousness, has been the source of human pain and fear for eons. The veil that covers our emotions and memory of the fall from consciousness (light) remains tightly in place as an act of grace. But, although veiled, the battles rage behind the veil of unconsciousness and periodically we get a glimpse of the nature of our true inner being. What is the battle?

?Long, long ago in the days of the first man, warfare began between darkness and light. Men, then as now, were filled with darkness and light, and while some in darkness held sway, in others light filled the soul. Aye, age old is this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light. Fiercely it is fought through all the ages using strange powers hidden to man… Adepts there have been filled with the blackness, struggling always against the light; but others there are who, filled with brightness have ever conquered the darkness of night…? Translation by Doreal, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean

Too frightening to directly confront without a level of spiritual growth and intense self awareness, throughout life we encounter the warring force between darkness and light as it strikes out in our dreams and in strange phenomena we often refer to as miracles and such. However, there are no true miracles, only the revelatory alchemy of structured force within the universe. The truest miracle is that humans, oppressed with afflictions within all layers of being, are able at all to see beyond the veil of the depths of consciousness. This veil is not lowered until growth in the various bodies (spirit, mental, emotional, and physical) is achieved and the soul is ready to confront the layers of multidimensionality in fullness, self, forcing the balancing of the polarities, meeting without delay the Battle of the Shadows, and recollecting the fragments of the self. What are the Shadows and from where do they come?

?Unseen they come and unseen they go, Man in his ignorance calls them from down below… …Dark with a darkness not of the night, traveling over the Earth they walk through man?s dreams. Power they have gained from the darkness around them to call other dwellers from out of their plane in ways that are dark and unseen by man… Into man?s MIND-SPACE reach the Dark Brothers. Around it they close the veil of their night… …Silently and secretly they bind and use the soul… …Hark ye, O man and list to my warning: Be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the Brothers of Darkness… …Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow only has come through the veil of the night?? Translation by Doreal, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean

The soul and the spirit of the human, although intimately interwoven, exist separately. The soul, driven by the spirit seeks consciousness (light), and achieves awareness of it in measures throughout human life. If both the unconscious (darkness) and conscious (light) elements of the soul are not reunited through life, imbalanced elements of memory and emotion surviving within the world of shadows do not rise to consciousness, but at the time of death separate and fall into the deep ocean of the collective unconsciousness.

The collective unconscious is a vast storehouse of perfect memory, thoughts, and imbalanced emotional energies intimately interwoven. Within the Battle of the Shadows, we are indulged to recollect, process, and reunite our individually created portion of the collective unconsciousness, sublimating and giving rise to consciousness. Each individual Battle of the Shadows gives rise or fall to the forces of unconsciousness (darkness) and consciousness (light), thereby affecting all.

Thought is a potently tangible, highly energetic force. The human mind has a very powerful ability to act as a co-creator and various levels of its does so incessantly without giving much active, conscious thought to the process. This co-creative process is assisted by both the higher vibrational forces (sons of light) and the lower, dense energies (sons of darkness). The forces of darkness, grave energies that become tangible, give life and the essence of highly charged energy to shadow forms that dwell within the ethereal planes of the collective unconsciousness, intricately attached to their human creators.

These very real, life-filled, active shadow forms begin as deep crevasses within the individual mind, wedged and hone into place by suppressed emotions: hurts, pain, trauma, jealousy, desires, fears, and fervor that are often buried beneath the surface securely trapped within the emotional body. Sometimes emotions are buried so deeply and attached so strongly to an individual, especially in the case of severe abuse or trauma, that being well-integrated within the depths of the mind, the human co-creator of the shadow is seldom consciously aware of its existence. The unconscious holds a perfect memory of all thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the past. This unconscious memory is emotionally based. Deepest emotions are deeply interwoven and embedded within unconscious memories.


The human mind is highly intelligent and in most humans struggles to maintain control of the individual life, although influenced by many powerful forces both seen and unseen. Often when the ego or well-being of the individual mind is highly threatened, an intelligent force that some psychologists call amnesia sets in.
This memory/emotional suppression occurs often during tragic cases of abuse or intense fear and shock that threatens the well-being of a person and sometimes their very existence. The mind triggers the response to block a certain area of memory/emotion experience, often completely and quite competently burying large parts of the inner video, sometimes entire segments of the human?s life.

It is in this manner that the abused one can continue living as if nothing has happened, and thereby avoid the emotional trauma that might otherwise cause collapse of the life structures. In doing so, shadowy forms are created, taking energy from the lower, dense, vibrational energies (sons of darkness of the unconscious realm) that cause severe blockages at many levels in the multidimensional body. These shadowy forces attached to the spirit often negatively and secretly thrive throughout the life of the individual, and then even attracts legions of lower dense energy forms (sons of darkness) that thrive on the buried and trapped energy.

This form of co-creation not only happens through trauma or dramatic abuse, but is often a socially conditioned response to dealing with highly charged emotions throughout our lifetimes. This co-creation often happens many times through life as the human faces one tragedy after another, sometimes with a multi-layered effect. That is, the deepest shadow force often subconsciously directs action that leads to the creation of the next trauma and thereby the next layer of the shadowy underworld attachment of the human is conditioned.

With enough force and with the often unseen influence of the lower, dense, vibrational energies (sons of darkness), massive energies are entrapped in the shadows of the unconscious sometimes growing into both interdimensional and terrestrial demonic forces that plague the human throughout the course of many lives. The negative energies of the universe are attracted to these shadows and often reddened legions grow and find nurture within the seething, vibrational undercurrent of embedded emotions within the collective unconsciousness.

The shadows take tangible form and the soul, in a massive struggle for independent survival, becomes actively involved in the battle of the sons of light versus the sons of darkness. A battle is waged for the soul and it is our ability to rise to consciousness within the Battle of the Shadows that determines the victor.

Seeking expressive life and existence and thriving on the multidimensional body of the human, these dark, shadowy forces attempt to dominate and control, often attaching to the soul causing dark horrors, fear, and pain, often unknown on a conscious level. These forces influence and direct many of the actions of the individual, and many weaker minds are led to atrocious acts against others by falling prey to such ill and convoluted influence.

Many cases of insanity occur as the human is taken deeper and deeper into the clutches and realms of the shadows with no immediate hope for return. Many temporary avenues are approached subject to these forces before the individual can lower the veil enough to see the perpetrators and make a free will choice concerning the victor and the defeated. These shadowy forces also bring sickness and plague to human life, striking ferociously the physical, mental, and spiritual body from the entrapped levels of the emotional body.

When the Christed One healed others, he stated to them that their sins were forgiven, and often cast out demons that were causing illness within humans. These dark energies are responsible for the underlying ailments of mankind, and while many temporary imbalances are quite curable, the deeper and darker ailments lie within the shadowy realm of the collective unconsciousness seldom discovered, until time for the ?reunion? of the soul, or what is referred to as reunion of the multidimensional bodies which brings all memory within the life of the soul, sublimation of suppressed emotions, balancing of the energies, and oneness with the Divine. This is not a process for the feeble and it often takes many cycles to achieve enough strength and fortitude to undergo the ensuing battle.

Through the natural course of life, opportunities and circumstances are presented the individual in order to lower the veil, peer beyond it in understanding and readiness and struggle through the course that will steer toward the personal rise to consciousness. The free will actions of the human strengthen the individual and determine the next level of advancement toward conscious reunion. The aspiring son of light is never without the direct power and assistance of the higher vibrational energies, but it is free will choice to align the desire of the soul within darkness or light that determines the direction of the soul toward reunion.

?Given to man have they secrets that shall guard and protect him from all harm. He who would travel the path of a master free he must be from the bondage of night. Conquer he must the formless and shapeless. Conquer he must the phantom of fear.? Translation by Doreal, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean

Those who choose to look consciousness in the eye and not flee in awesome fright soon retrieve dark layers of their collective, buried unconsciousness that rise for sublimation within the Battle of the Shadows. This process always includes a total memory recollection of the suppressed fragments of the emotional body.

The individual who seeks freedom from the depths and boundaries of the shadowy world of the unconscious, which is so intricately a part of our deepest being, must boldly stand with great fortitude, ever seeking self truth with a self chosen opening for the assistance of higher vibrational divine forces. The Battle of the Shadows aggressively ensues with the lower vibrational, dense energies (sons of darkness) struggling for life and control and the higher vibrational, light energies (sons of light) surging strongly through the multidimensional bodies. How do we best participate?

?When unto thee comes a feeling drawing thee nearer to the dark gate, examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast cometh from within. If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from place in thy mind. Send through the body a wave of vibration… …repeating time after time until free. …Only by knowing can thou overcome it… …Know ye ever that as Light fills thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear.? Translation by Doreal, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean

The long waged battle within the binary mind often involves many years of temporal existence as new awareness and stages of the battle come into play. As the binary poles sway and unconscious (darkness) and conscious (light) energies surge, we often see this as a battle between angels and demons for the soul of the human.

The human entity, an active participant, often falls quite gaunt in utmost fear and shocked horror, realizing individual impotence at some of his or her own depths during the processes that reveal the depths and heights of multidimensional levels of being. This occurs throughout life whether or not one is consciously aware of the process.

The duress of the battle is felt within each of the bodies, even revealed at all levels, often with much unexplainable phenomena. The emotional body, intricately linked to the memory of all experiences of the soul, often brings the greatest suffrage in turn affecting the mental, physical, and spiritual well being. To become a master of emotion, one must process and balance emotion without storing it. This may well be one of the highest human challenges.

Both faith and logic exist to support and endorse the other, and it is at this time that the serious minded spiritual alchemist must reach strongly out both in utmost faith and well-grounded logic. As the vast veil of the unconscious lowers for personal review, it is important to have a well grounded personal belief system in place that focuses on the Divine, but also be able to accept seeming phenomena without binding experiences within that system.

At this ground zero point, the person is open to a new attitude, according to Jung, that accepts the ?irrational and incomprehensible simply because it is happening.? At this point, the shift in consciousness is fertilized, and the flame of the soul is sparked to a higher level. The sleeping dragon awakens.

Humans are many faced, multidimensional beings whose outer flesh houses the inner substance. In the world of physics this would best be explained as the vacuum contained within matter. The flesh, in dense frequency tends to confine and trap the inner body until it is realized that there is a dualistic contrast – a struggle occurring between the inner and outer nature. “The inner bodies are the electrical and magnetic matter (the light body) connecting the flesh body with the breath form. These inner bodies transfer impressions from the flesh body to the breath form via the nerves.” [Percival, Harold Waldwin. Thinking and Destiny Being the Science of Man, The World Foundation, Inc., Dallas, Texas, 1946.] When one is able to reconcile and balance these inner bodies with the outer, they have advanced toward understanding their true nature. The Hui Ming Ching states:

?If thou wouldst complete the diamond body with no outflowing,
Diligently heat the roots of consciousness and life.
Kindle light in the blessed country ever close at hand,
And there hidden, let thy true self always dwell.?

While not an attempt to entirely encompass the realm of psychology and human behavior, understanding what is referred to here as the ?Battle of the Shadows,? how and why it is waged and how to do battle therein, can help one understand that spiritual battles involve a balancing of the forces (dark and light) that permeate our being.

Dr. C.G. Jung says that ?the beginning, where everything is still one, and which therefore appears as the highest goal, lies at the bottom of the sea, in the darkness of the unconscious.? Human nature and consciousness are best expressed in terms of light. Thus, the darkness (unconsciousness) gives birth to the light (consciousness). The great, adverse Battle of the Shadows is a necessary process in the evolution of the human soul. Endowed with the diamond body (spirit) the roots of consciousness of pure life is kindled leading us to ?the blessed country ever close at hand? – the state of reunion with the Divine.

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