At age twelve , the young initiate earned a place among his peers as a graduate of The Right Eye of Horus. His education presented The Language of Vibration which understands and communicates in left brain… logical memory and is taught in such a way as to lend Right brain (aesthetic) attention to detail . In Geometry for instance, the initiate learned there were two genders of lines: the curved feminine … and the straight masculine. Geometry, Astronomy, Astrology, and Symbolism were taught through ideas of duality or the Dwat with two specific vantage points at every detail…male and female. Seeing inside was just as important as seeing outside. Thinkers expressed ideas of spirit cause or fiat lux(first light)…and spoke of Primordial Light energies which presented the instructions for this wave form universe.


These three spiritual light principles make man. Just as three sides of a tri-angle are distinctly separable but definable as one.

akh is at the outset of all becoming. It is the light proceeding from the darkness presupposing darkness containing the light and the cause that held both in potential. akh is the spiritual birth of light in matter revealing itself and demonstrating three aspects.

Ø Metaphysically Being the Light contained in the darkness and receiving Wisdom and reciprocating with reflection.

Ø Naturally Being Light incorporate, regenerating from decomposing elements of seed in germination, and reawakening the fire in clay that makes what was sterile thrive.

Ø Humanly Being Spiritual Light triumphant over the human factors and integrating into Unity. The third component in an original Trinity is an abstract relation between two known factors. The phenomena is the third factor of the Trinity become visible and is the Superluminal, the first factor of a new Trinity….thus Trinities give rise to one another. The key to answering Light is reflection… its in the seed… and causes the Trinity.


Ba is the soul….the soul which is birthed with the individual. It is the astral body, which is the animating breath of all that lives, constituting the world and its final perfection. ba is the natural soul in bodily form, subject to cyclic rebirth.


represents the higher self and is one of the five subtle bodies. ka is the connection to the higher subtle bodies and with it’s reflective essence in the khaibit causes initial connectivity to all the subtle bodies. The ka is the assemblage point in the physical body and mind. ka is the modem to access the intire universal memory and all of the principles or Neters.

The Seven Inexorable Powers

An entity…self contained chronicle for quickening.

The animation of life.

ik ki and mer

Within the milieu there is a balance which floats between polarities and is ever changing. Picture in your minds eye,…a total void containing no thing. You are timelessly there as light, shinning away. If you consider movement, another object is necessary for inertia, and there is no other object. How then, could there become movement? ….Reflection …!

Consider an image of self, having the same Nature, but being a mirror image (reverse). The Ancient Egyptians called this reflection IK and KI. God …and God’s Reflection of Himself. Ik is the impulse that precipitates being into becoming through arousing in the “one” a wish to see himself in an “other” of which the principle is expressed by KI. This ever present polarity of the Universe presents as the duality or the Dwat.

All is contained and influenced by this balance of esoteric substance, which is in flux. Stabilization of this floating flux is approached by the esoteric understanding of Mer. Mer is The Light or vibration that is created by IK and KI, that occurs on all levels of physical and mental consciousness and suggests further examination of choices : One can compare IK and KI by viewing the differences between them…(subtract)……or combine them (unite). .The Initiate was skilled to combine IK and KI in order to achieve optimum Balance in Mer. It requires love and faith in one’s self not to compare, but to combine.

The understanding of IK and KI is associated with Original Spirit, the unnamable, unknowable God Divine , fiat lux, and first chakra energy (or 8th chakra which is Genisis entry into the next dimension). Mer is associated with second chakra energy and indicates sexual balance . Mer is the essence of the regeneration of our Universe indicating, combining the Natural balancing powers within and without.. Mer also describes “going into” and is associated with “a counter rotating field of light”

Mer and The Eyes of Horus

Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris, and together were they the original Trinity in Ancient Egyptian Mythology. The Ancients established the Schools of the Right and Left Eyes of Horus where , Initiates learned that the right eye was controlled by the left , male oriented side of the brain which represents numbers, letters, reasoning, the creation of sentences and thoughts relative to concrete facts and processing language.

The left eye was controlled by the right, female oriented side of the brain and represented the subtle influences of intuition, aesthetic reasoning, art, nuance, metaphor, color , music appreciation and the instinct of the female. Horus was considered to be the supernatural element of the Trinity…the animator of prenatural Adamic man before his fall into dualization.

Mer is given as instruction to actualize the Ascension process, unveiling the path out of the duality. The idea is that by combining these polarities (plus a few more steps) one achieves a very special oneness, which is called the Center Eye of Horus, or The Child’s Eye of Horus. Mer enjoins, and becomes in the mind’s eye, which is 6th power.. The first step is the Wisdom of the 2ed power which is altering the consciousness of comparing and subtracting and learning how to combine the positive and negative into Oneness…… expressing Innocence…and, unleashing the Light which rises and begins the healing of the rest of the body, be it Person, Earth, or Universe. Mer [the second power] is the very first step in Becoming Self Aware.

Mer and Sexual Tantra

Regenerative Tantra describes an attitude with which the approach to Sexual Tantra must needs begin. . What if , like the Ancients, we learned to use sexual energy in a healthy spiritual way at a young age so that, when puberty was upon us, our sexual discipline was integrated and blossoming. Sexual Tantra is about being integrated and blossoming within a physically Spiritual Threshold.

Combining Sexual and Spiritual bio-feedback with a reciprocating partner animates Kundalini. It is the attitude of Mer which enables the individual to attain the balanced use of the left and right brain hemispheres at the same Time. It is also the attitude of Mer that enables the Energies of two people, simultaneously, into The Light of the same Portal..

Mer and Merkaba

Mer means:”a going into”…or “a counter rotating field of Light”….or “Light”…Ka… represents the Higher Spiritual Self and it’s primary connection to The Archtypical or Neter…….known also as “the Spirit of the cosmos”……. Ba translates as “Soul”….or”astral body”…”Ba exists from beginning to end”

….Merkaba is perceived as going into a balanced male/female field of counter rotating Light which contains the Higher Spiritual Self and it’s connection to the Archtypical or Neter, plus the soul or astral body …..and then, combining the energies into a transdimensional vehicle for Ascending the duality (3D).. Mer is the Light that is created in the primal cause and effect, and is used in the Merkaba, creating the Light of Genisis,….the beginning of new consciousness and movement through the Portal.

Merkaba Meditation information is available through…Drunvalo Melchizedek and friends at Flower of Life:


“…and there , contained within the darkness is the Light , and the darkness knowith it not”….John 1/6…..John gives us a parable which is the key to understanding the Third Dimension. The second power, Mer has provided the Wisdom to unlock the Light contained within the darkness. The third power involves learning what to do with this Light. Third power energy concerns manipulation and control…

We must become conscious of the control and manipulation before proceeding, and then, registration can occur. We are deeply immersed in this energy, like being in the forests. Keeping Still , in the deep, we see the pinpoint of Light within the darkness, and it is us….. Focusing the Light into our inner self without fear, and listening to the messages which respond allows expansion of our selves and the Light.

It is the nature of this, 3D consciousness to wave ‘the wand of control’ around like the end of a loose water hose, or point it toward an object of desire to empower the self, defining unconsciousness. The interaction of IK/KI, and Mer flows inevitably and produces the fire Sekhem which destroys the nature of the former and at the same time produces new life. This shows the nature of transition to unconditional love. It is here that we learn that the first three powers are causal drives in becoming and the next four are agents in actualization.


Kepher is the principle of becoming in this new life , and of the transformations corresponding to the phases of all Genisis….life in birthing. Kepher opens the world of actualization which begins to manifest the combined action of IK/KI, Mer, and Sekhem, working in harmony with the next four powers .

It is an inner passivity and disinterestedness that enables the flow of energy, and a state of detached discretion (out of your way) that offers an impulse of Wisdom, capturing a ray of light, and recognizing the true law or path. The result will be a “thing”, considered either relative reality at a moment of Genisis , or a result produced by a Genisis. This “thing”….khet…is not a “power”, but is a product of Kepher which required the fifth and sixth power for it’s existence. [5th…AB-IB and 6th…Tekh.] Each power has entity, but functions in consonance and harmony.

Note: The number four is the first result of multiplication. Heart chakra energy has two distinct characteristics, …that of the heart as we know it (lower heart), and that of the thymus (upper heart), which is the electromagnetic energy surrounding the heart and extending into the fifth power. The two are reciprocating as they function together.

Egyptian teaching is based in the principle that the functions of the powers are not static and separated, but work in harmony with each other and with acquired knowledge . They admired the individual’s attainments without judgment, and did not assume discontinuity between various states of organism , from the most material to the most spiritual.

Ab Ib and Tekh

The fifth power is called Ab Ib. It represents the thymus area, or the higher heart. Ab means desire. Ib means thirst. The two together represent a whole thought of thirst/desire relative to the energy of Kepher and of Tekh, Kepher being the fourth and Tekh the sixth.

If we begin to understand that the higher powers work together to form and complement each other, the picture reveals itself here. It is here that the lesson from Mer comes into play. The way in which we combine thirst and desire directly effects the understanding of Tekh, the sixth power, which means absorption even up to the point of saturation.

So we have Ab which is the reverse or reflection of Ba which we know means the soul or astral body, and we have Ib which is the reverse or reflection of Bit which is the Honey Bee that sucks honey from the flowers and the whole idea is about the thymus. We are associating 5th Ab Ib (thirst/desire) with 6th Tekh {3rd eye and absorption}, relative to 4th Kepher (solar plexus).

What we do with this information has to do with Actualization and it is the combining of these three powers that cause Manifestation to exist along with the seventh, Seshat, the pineal, or The Intelligence of the Heart. This very strong metaphorical resolve is how the Ancients taught their initiates the Ascension Process. We are describing a process of moving Energy up^ with the idea of using it in our highest potential, intentionally expressing The Kundalini Experience as a way of life.


Seshat represents the pineal gland and its association with the other powers. The pineal gland holds the Intelligence of the Heart and functions with the Wisdom of Love. Seshat is the female counterpart of Thoth who represents the Keeper of Wisdom and is the Neter of writing and record keeping. Seshat means seven and signature or the signing of the seventh.

This signature gives Actualization to the Potential and is key in Manifesting. At this Signing, the initiate must let it all go the Way of the Universe, resolve into One, and begin a new process. It is for this reason that, as the Ancients rebuilt their temples, Seshat from the older temple became the corner stone of the new temple. We see her older hieroglyph at the very bottom of some of the newer Egyptian temples.


Ankh is traditionally known as the giver of life and is associated with the feminine. Similar to the Christian cross, it represents the idea of life and the wholeness that life offers. For the Ancients it represents a pathway to the higher self. In the Egyptian Tantra, The Ankh is the pathway at orgasm to the highest dimensions.

We, as a group of sexual people, seldom use this most powerful resource. Sex is arguably the most profound and powerful resource contained in the human and we use it primarily for joy. Our consciousness as a whole has not reached the point where we can even talk about the power of sex. The Ancients taught us more than we can absorb.

When one has an orgasm there are two pathways that the orgasm can take. One can orgasm up and out the top of the head or down into the Earth. Some of our ancient teachings tell us that we die just a little at every orgasm. The Egyptian Ancients had it figured somewhat differently. At orgasm, instead of orgasming up or down they would focus on bringing the energy to the Kepher or Solar Plexus and sending it out the back in a circular motion to the top of the head, 8th chakra, or higher self, and then back into the front of the Solar Plexus somewhat in the pattern of the Ankh.

This approach requires some reeducation for the westerner that primarily thinks in terms of the joy of sex (which is OK but there is more). And what of two people doing it together, at the same instant. It is very much like lightening and potentiates the Caduceus or Kundalini. The idea is to begin the healing of the DNA structure, which appears as the Caduceus, is Phi recursive, and describes implosion. It is somewhat like hot wiring the upper chakras and allowing their combined energy to function together as a Oneness.

This brings us back to the idea of Mer, or the combining of the male and female principles of the individual in order to unite two individuals into Oneness and approach the Portal. If we are functioning in the old paradigm of comparing and subtracting, we miss this opportunity for Ascension.

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