Could it be there are no anthropomorphic Gods? God is a phrase that describes man’s realization that consciousness is understood and its integration into human awareness. The idea of a Creator being separate from the created is a myth that?s day has come. Man or other intelligent creatures in the universe come into being through the condensing of raw energy into molecular form. This could take millions of years or, a quick combination of DNA in a test lab or, a mother’s womb. No matter the forks in the road of science or religion, that is the miracle of life! One can call it Divine or predestined. The fact is, if beings such as man appear once in the vast limits of space, they can appear again and again. This is the natural order of the Universe. Is it better to have dominion over others or be born amongst a vast range of species? A vapor body or human body which really is more divine?

At a certain point in the life of a seeking person the Gods come tumbling down. If you have attained this state of being the awareness is obvious. Otherwise, the spiritual Santa Claus will forever entice the senses to believe a God is coming from outside your being to rescue the wayward lost child. Is it not enough such a paradise as Earth is being destroyed for the sake of the senses and man-god groupies in public power ego trips?

It should be obvious wealth is not wisdom, if it was then why so much suffering by those who have little at the expense of the “elite”. Could it be the God’s are falling because they were never really there to begin with? Is it possible the universe in itself is the God we seek? Is it not enough to live in such a place of your childhood memories? Have you forgotten the joy of life in those innocent years? You could have cared less about the news but more about playing in the yard with your friends. What joys have been robbed with the on-set of adulthood that we must create outside-gods to give us comfort.

The fantasies of a human life, what wonder for those who take time to look within and let the God’s fall beneath. Isn’t this the story of religion for a race gone mad with sophistication and external objectives?

Like animals in a zoo domestication seems good for the passerby but for the entombed freedom is just on the other side of the cage.

Are you free or still in bondage surely someone must have hidden the key?



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