What is it that mankind is searching for? Religion assures man a future
knowledge of immortality while enlightenment reveals the future now. You
may be wondering is this a true statement of life. Holy Ones of the past
experienced more than religion. Religion is the left-over mental
justification of a Holy Person’s life-changing transformation that is
watered down by those individuals who lived within the Divine Light of
this person. Religion teaches that a future immortal abode is attainable
if one follows the prescribed doctrines and precepts. Enlightened
individuals scattered throughout the ages spoke of a direct knowingness
that transcended time and space. The enlightened ones spoke authoritively
because what they experienced transcended the paradox of the human mind
localized in a physical body. Close examination of religion reveals it to
be the footstool of enlightenment. Thus the worship of religious methods
is a precursor to the actual attainment of the desired result which is

Enlightenment suddenly puts an end to the complexities of religious
knowledge. All the answers one seeks to the confused state of the world
are seen as holistic expressions of God in physical form. To an
enlightened individual the world is perfectly manifested as the outward
expression of God in individual form. The objective and subjective
phenomena are one of the same. Where you find life you find it fully.
There are no fragmented manifestations to the images created throughout
the earth. Man conceptualizes and attaches bondage to their “I” ness
because life is seen as a series of progressively higher levels of
attainable mental mind-images. This is simply not so! God is
unconditionally fully present within every fiber of the universe. For
example, God is the blue sky and all of creation is the clouds. This is
the vista available and verified by the enlightened individual.

Enlightenment is obtained after a series of realizations by the one who
searches for truth above all things manifest. One’s bounded soul is
experienced as unbounded. One is not bound to the universe or anything in
it. One is beyond the universe. Man thinks he/she is bound to the outward
manifesting forces of God and is somehow degraded to a status below
innocent animals. This is an illusion! God loves creation to the point of
manifesting directly into it. There are no partial creations, everything
is fully present. God is unconditional love in constant vibration with
the potential to create and preserve everything good forever. Nothing is
lost except the illusion that we must attain something. Mankind must learn
to release. God is truly the great preserver! Never, never doubt the
omnipotence, and omnipresence of a super-intelligent all knowing God who
preserves everything. This verification is revealed directly to an
enlightened individual. Past history has recorded the testimonies of those
Holy Ones who transcended time and space to bring to man the simple
teachings of love and forgiveness.

God being super-intelligent how could we out-think Him/Her to prove
anything. Religion is the tool to learn how to release. No life is lost in
vain because all phenomena that is real is captured. Man thinks he/she
must preserve everything. God has all truths logged permanently in a
special place. The one illusion God does not log into permanence is
untruths. Therefore, evil is not preserved. If it were it would become
unconditional false truths. God will not manifest false images to man. It
is man who collectively manifest the untruths of this world. Selfishness
is the tool of Man! Remove selfishness from ones heart and truth begins to
build a stair step to the day of enlightenment. One could work all their
life with the complexities of intellectualism and still not experience the
enlightened condition. Man is separated from God because of doubt and
misunderstood conditions that bind the mind to linear scales of knowledge.
Evil is just the lower linear force of good connected to the illusion of
an “I” trapped in molecular space. We are not required to jump across an
abyss to get on the road of good from the road of evil. Evil just does not
register in God’s library of love. Man who seeks self-creation must learn
how to love.

God is both energy and form. Enlightenment is the state of being whereby
the truth-seeker sees the grand picture and is taken to the other side.
There are no returns to normal life after an event such as this. One’s
view of life has been turned inside out. The old ego that once had
dominion is snuffed out. Consciousness is felt and understood to come into
the physical body from outside. The body becomes a focus of individualized
expression. Life becomes an ever-present awareness of confirmation that
the full measure of man’s life is to cherish the PRESENCE of Creation in
the time period of NOW! Man is comforted with a state of bliss constantly
flowing from outside the body to the inside. This bliss is the
confirmation that God is present everywhere and can be experienced as a
state of being beyond the confines of universal creation. An enlightened
state of being would reward the truth seeker with ever present sensation
that she/he is connected to everything. One with this state awareness
would not see loopholes where God is not fully present. He/She would see
and feel the separation of those who lived and moved around him/her and
out of compassion would amplifying God’s essence to raise the veil of

In summary, religion and enlightenment are the two extremes of man’s
search for truth. Religion is the binding force to find the truth to one’s
existence where enlightenment is the releasing power that proves God exist
as a direct experience! It can be said with assurance that the Kingdom of
Heaven is truly within. It is through going within that we gain the
outward reward which is the release of the human misunderstanding that
attainment of enlightenment is the most sacred action of the search for
truth. To doubt one cannot remove the obstacles to obtaining enlightenment
in this lifetime is to doubt that no man or woman can ever obtain the most
sacred of experiences available in the universe. And behold the children,
it is there innocence that is closest to Heaven. Innocence of children is
none other than humility in adults. Being humble reveals the path of truth
to be made anchored in unconditional love. It is when one is in a state of
total humility and service to God the high mark of enlightenment may be
made manifest.

May each of you come quickly to the understanding to waste your life in
the vain pursuits of the sensory world is an illusion. All the Holy Ones
of the past warned against the fantasies of an unbridled mind. Forgive
others and be kind to those who are not kind to you. Help those in need
the best you can. Know the world is not full of selfless hearts. Dedicate
your life to raising other people up on your back and carry them through
the rough times. Replace bad thoughts with good. Never let a day go by
without seeking the silence of the closet. While in the closet do not
demand anything. Just be still and thank God for your health this day.

In Love,

l madden

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