” In order for the indefinite volume of a sphere to become form, at least three directions must be defined, the polar axis and the four directions of the equatorial cross. This is the reason for the whole of the celestial mechanics, ordered by numbers that form a marvelous system and for which they are key.” [Schwaller de Lubicz , The Temple of Man]

Consider the axis of the human body. An up-down axis exists from above the head to below the feet. We can feel the axis. If you close your eyes, you can spin on this axis, going round and round like a spinning top.

Next, consider an axis from front to back, through the solar plexus, at exactly the same length as the one above. The length is proportional to your body. Close your eyes and feel how the body can spin on this axis, like spinning a steering wheel.

Consider now, an axis that goes from side to side, intersecting the other two lines at the solar plexus. Close your eyes and feel how you can spin on this axis, like the paddle wheel of a boat. See the image as three dimensional.

Now that you have all three axis in place, connect the ends together. The outside ends connect to the top and the bottom, and are also connected to each other. The image to the left indicates a view from sides, top, and bottom. It’s called octahedron or, octa, incubation. The Great Pyramid at Giza, to the eye, is half an octa.

This exercise requires the use of both sides of your brain. The straight lines are facts (masculine), which require the use of the left brain. Visualizing the axis you use the right or feminine side of your brain. You have to imagine it, using your right brain. In fact, you have ‘seen’ the Lines, and the Axis by combining the properties of both sides of your brain, left, and right. Close your eyes and visualize being inside. You can rotate all three axises.

This simple meditative practice allows you the information of how you are actually inside the Geometry. You are the center, and from within, you are able to take the steps necessary to see out.

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