This web-site was created to honor the creative side of Sekhmet, the lioness-headed Goddess of ancient Egypt whose many titles and names include: “Mother of Images,” “At Whose Wish the Arts were Born,” “The Source,” and “Beautiful Face, Image most Beloved by Art.”

Sekhmet encompasses the gamut of feminine expression. Sekhmet introduces the brilliance of the luminous Light to those who have strayed too long in the darkness. Sekhmet ushers those who have managed to avoid feeling their emotions and sexuality into the depths of the dark unconscious where unbridled passion ultimately finds expression. Sekhmet’s sometimes painful lessons have taught the sacred artists in Her service how to understand the mystery locked within themselves, a hologramic echo of the power of The Great Cosmic Feminine.

Both artists and shamans have willingly gone to the brink of sanity and have crossed into unknown territory in an effort to gain perspective on the deeper meaning of life. At a certain point, there is little distinction between the two because both disciplines can bring transformation and healing to others. Sacred art is capable of touching others so that they, too, can glimpse the awe, wonder, and relentless beauty of “The Source.”

Sekhmet priestesses who are also sacred artists relate their personal journeys to the center and to the edge:

The artistic Journey of Sekhmet’s “Beloved” Priestess, Lady Sekhmet:

“I am One of Many who has heard Sekhmet’s Call. Of my own free will, I have chosen to respond. I’ve devoted my life towards realising my role as Sekhmet’s priestess in the disciplines of magic, art, and dance.

“I earned the title ‘Lady Sekhmet’ when I took my magical Oath Of Obligation in 1991. I recently accepted the name Benra Merit (Egyptian for “Sweet Beloved”) in conjunction with my work with Hathor and Bast. As Sekhmet’s Sacred Artist, I have become very selective about the work I am now choosing to do. I mostly paint and draw images of The Living Goddess. As a sacred dancer, I am Leila, (Arabic for “Beloved”). Otherwise, I am still Darlene (Old English for “Beloved”) which also happens to be my full legal name.

“I am a spiritual bridge. The Divine works directly through me. Wherever I place my focus — whether it be in magickal ritual, dance, or art — it is automatically imbued with the force of Spirit. Every day I balance my energy. I attune myself to those cosmic forces which guide humanity towards evolving consciously. Such is the great power of the feminine. I also honor the power of the masculine. The key is balance…”

The Following are accounts of Lady Sekhmet’s artistic journeys through Sekhmet:

Great Sekhmet Banner This is a powerful teaching about being prepared when Spirit of Creativity comes to visit. The lesson is about spontaneity and not allowing oneself to be stopped by something as insignificant as not having the proper art materials on hand.
108 Lessons of Sekhmet: The Story of the Sekhmet Talismans Between 1996 and 1997, Sekhmet directed the painting of one hundred eight miniature images of Her on papyrus to gift to certain people. On the surface, it seemed like the lesson was about giving without expectation of reward. But when stories began to trickle back about the amazing effect these little Sekhmet images were having upon people and their circumstances, the lesson deepened into my Empowerment as a Sacred Artist.
Sacred Geometry of Sekhmet gives instruction on how to draw the Face of The Goddess Sekhmet using the Square Root of Five and Phi (?) and also reveals how the “gift of knowledge” is in the doing and not necessarily in monetary reward.
The Sekhmet Amulet reveals the synchronicities involved in casting a sterling silver Sekhmet pendant using the above-mentioned geometry.
Calligraphy and Sekhmet

Priestess Valerie Chelonis

INSPIRED WORDS OF SEKHMET: Channeling the Living Goddess

Valerie Chelonis, whom Sekhmet calls the “Keeper of Hearts” is currently writing a book filled with her artwork, poetry, and channelings of Sekhmet and other Sacred Faces of the Goddess. She is an artist, healer, and visionary.

“I was reunited with the Goddess Sekhmet two years ago through a series of initiations I performed for a friend, empowering him to bring in the energies of Re, Isis, and Sekhmet and do a series of paintings. Sekhmet asked me to be a vessel and embody her energy in order to manifest her as the Goddess of Love, Light, and Shadow. The result for me has been the remembrance of being her daughter and priestess, in her genetic lineage.

Since then I have received transmissions from her in the form of paintings, poetry, and writings.”

The following is an excerpt:

Sekhmet: “I wear many faces as a reflection of the One, who is Creatrix and holds the template of the One Heart that burns bright through all the heavens.

“We are introducing a new paradigm of light. Visualize this as a necklace of jewels adorning your planet in a pattern of a deliberate and exquisite hologram of light strands. It is a new order of being. It is the healing of separation and of limitation. It is everything the human heart has longed for. It is everything you now know about energy and information and more.
“We bring this web, structure, pattern, hologram, into this dimension to bring this planet of hearts and love into a grander pattern of light that connects galaxies. Earth is preparing herself to be the Cosmic Heart Center of the Galaxy. We, as Galactic Guardians, are here to support the birth into a New Age of Heart. Heart Presence returns. Heartlessness must be released from all life who carry it still.

“It is our Galactic commitment and endeavor to support all in healing their internal separation from Source. Anchor and embody the One Heart within and realize you are one and the same. Bring the energies of love into your body and allow this love to live in you.”
The Following are accounts of Valerie Chelonis’ artistic journeys through Sekhmet:

The Inner Journey of Valerie Chelonis: SACRED FACES, Images of the Ancient Ones. Confronting the creation of the painting of Sekhmet was about facing my own self. Embracing the fire within and not being afraid to express it. To recognize Beauty, Passion, Desire, Power, and Strength as inherent within me, balanced with Love and Compassion. All these attributes are contained within the feminine consciousness, within the feminine principle in creation. Sekhmet embodies this.
Great Sekhmet Seal Sekhmet said: “Consider this Seal to be a Gateway to the Exalted Self, and so shall it be for Many…”
SEKHMET LOTUS, Shield of Healing illustrates the power of having an open channel with a goddess like Sekhmet. It’s a lesson in how small personal gifts, done with love can resonate into a greater Truth. In a small act of compassion–creating a healing gift for my sister–Sekhmet’s Shield of Healing came into existence. Its creation was so spontaneous and effortless that has healed the part of myself which has kept me from expressing myself fully.
PANTHER rendering, reflecting a one-time interest in producing wildlife art.
Sekhmet Poetry This section has some of my inspired poetry to and about Sekhmet and includes some calligraphy done by Lady Sekhmet.

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