Times Change, and with them their demands. Thus the seasons change in the course of the year. In the world cycle also there are spring and autumn in the life of peoples and nations, and these call for social transformations. I Ching, #49 Revolution

Personal and social revolutions that occur when the need is very clear, approach genius proportions as the consciousness of the Ancestors join the family in celebrating Life. Revolution must be approached only after clearly defining what must be changed. Decisive action, beginning from within, can then be undertaken.

We approach personal transformation each day. Often the signals or symbols seem tangled in the milieu or the soup of our existence. It then becomes our task to separate, in order to Unite the entanglement. As the threads are separated into parts and then rejoined in balance, natural revolution occurs, and Life changes according to natural laws.

The records of Ancients describing these natural laws will be approached from the Egyptian and Chinese view, including ideas of Sacred Geometry, which may be tasking for the Western mind. If the Western mind could understand that separation is a condition of 3D existence, and proceed by Uniting rather than separating, a much greater comprehension of the Whole would offer itself [No subtracting]. Yen and Yang, and The Right and Left Eyes of Horus present as theories of Balance, explaining that we progress to a much higher state of awareness as we balance our individual masculine and feminine characteristics. Often these characteristics present themselves in the Ancient Scripts as personifications of Symbols, as the hieroglyph from the Luxor Temple demonstrates. The top Symbol of the Hawk represents BA, the astral soul body. Below is the Ankh which represents Life, personified with human arms and legs [left and right].

The study of the Right and Left Eyes of Horus reveals very much the same idea. The right eye indicating left brain, masculine thought, and the left eye indicating right brain feminine thought. The idea of the crossing is apparent here. The left and right hemispheres are an indication that we must indeed Unite our own individual, in order to understand the composite Whole.

Leonardo da Vinci, Pathagorus, Vitruvius, and groups such as The Knghts Templars, Freemasons, Rosucruscians, and Theosophists are among many keepers of the secrets of Sacred Geometry. Ancient dowsers shared secrets of the geometric nature of our global energy including the way in which we contain the same energy as the Earth, geometrically. The Polar Axis and the Equatorial Cross explains how the Universe, as well as the physical body, is situated in the Geometry of Life..

Some of today’s thinkers describe the grid of the Earth Sphere in the shape of the stellated dodecahedron [lines in image above] being contained in a balanced fractal. Nature and Sacred Proportion suggests that the balanced fractal is the Phi Proportion or Golden Section.

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