This is the law: Every thing existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of thought, which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought, and in accordance with that ones responsibility, at the conjunction of time, condition, and place.”

Harold Waldwin Percival

The Law of Thought states that thinking is the basic factor in shaping human destiny. Whether evidenced as the law of cause and effect, karma, fate, or heaven and hell, our thinking is the tangible force that creates our perception of the universe and the world around us. This universal law establishes the guidelines by which we live and die, and eventually transcend the need for living and dying. Harold Percival has this to say on thought: “The power of a thought is enormous and superior to all the successive physical acts, objects, and events that body forth its energy. A thought often endures for a time much greater than the whole life of the man who thought it.” As you think, then so you become – and so becomes your destiny!

The balancing of thought is critical in the course of development – the rise to consciousness. Most teachings advance the need to be in control of what you think, as much as what you do. Putting this to practice does not mean that as a human, one is perfected in thought, but that serious attempts are made to balance the ones that arise. By paying conscious attention to the way one thinks and what one thinks, a person begins to see personal patterns of thought arise that seek balance and close attention. If not addressed right away, the cause is stored and will seek its effect in accordance with fulfillment of the law, because “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This lies in close proximity with the universal law of balance (justice) and The Union and Reunion of Opposites.

In an orderly universe there are no accidents nor coincidences. All actions are exteriorizations of thought, whether balanced or imbalanced. Every product that has been designed and developed, every building that has been built, every book that has been written, every action committed – everything that IS – was first a thought in the mind of its creator. The Hermetic axiom “As Above, So Below” applies on multidimensional levels, including the incessantly active realm of thought.

Often people see events as the will of God, but it may be better stated that God wills justice according to the measures that you mete. Religious doctrines argue that mans thinking takes him away from God and intellectualizes a human spiritual process that is best left tended only by God and his mysterious methods. There indeed comes a point in every course of spiritual development where the thinking human turns away from all mention of God and considers atheism because of the farcity, human oriented intent, and other multitudinous, non-spiritual aspects of religion.

Studies of various science and philosophical systems offer branching avenues of thought both inclusive and exclusive of God. That same thinking human after plodding through myriads of earthly and unearthly experience, once again turns to SELF and admits that there is indeed a God, albeit of a different definition than the surface God that is being represented to the masses. No thinking intelligence can permanently deny God, whether called by that name or some other. All paths lead to the same Source, and both our thinking and feeling when properly balanced take us there.

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