Part One

by Steven Hanauer

There is a quickening occurring in our galaxy that affects us even on a daily basis. In the past five years, have you been experiencing an intensification of emotional issues and relationship stress in your daily life? This is part of a cosmic process which the Ancients foretold would be occurring at this time. The Hopi Indians believe this is the end times and that we will be moving from ‘the fourth’ to the ‘fifth world’. In 1997, they released the complete Hopi prophecies to the general public for the first time in a book titled, The Hopi Survival Kit by Thomas Mails. A primary part of the Hopi prophecy was depicted on Prophecy Rock, on which is pictured two paths. One path is being at one with nature, and the other path is being out of harmony with nature. The Hopis believed that only those who are in harmony with nature will survive the coming earth changes and move into the fifth World. The primary thing that disconnects us from the earth is our technology. One example is how the abundance of radio, microwave, radar, and other electromagnetic frequencies constantly surround us, prevent our being able to stay attuned to the Earth’s natural frequencies known as the Schumann Resonance (the Earth’s heartbeat).

Many ancient cultures, including the Hopis and Australian Aborigines, state that the Earth goes through cyclical changes. Modern geological findings also support this idea. Significant geological evidence points to major earth changes occurring around 9500 B.C. Geologically, this corresponds to the ending of the Ice Age due to the melting of the Glaciers.

According to ancient wisdom, this period also corresponds to the sinking of Atlantis due to major earth cataclysms, and was the time referred to as The Great Flood or Deluge. The book titled, Earth Under Fire by LaViolette, correlates these ancient events with the latest geological evidence from the Greenland and Icelandic ice core studies. What they found was physical evidence of earth crustal shifts, increased weather temperatures, increased cosmic radiations dust, and a possible polar axis shift all occurring around 9500 B.C. LaViolette believes that a galactic core explosion affected not only our sun through increased solar storms which then affected the earth. These events are possibly about to happen again.

Warning From The Sphinx

It appears that the Sphinx was a monument built to mark this event in our history as a warning to future humanity. The Precession of the Equinox delineates astronomical time markers corresponding to specific time periods, irrespective of what type of calendar is being used, much like a universal clock. The Precession of the Equinox is a cosmic cycle having a duration of approximately 25,800 years. It is this cycle that the zodiacal ages are based upon. Today we are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The time marker of the Sphinx appears to be indicating a transition from the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo within the zodiacal circle, this would be 180 degrees from us now since Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are also two of the four Fixed Signs of Astrology which were known as the Four Corners of the World. Cosmologically, the Ancients considered Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio as the foundation of the World. The Sphinx is a composite of these four zodiacal signs having a human face (Aquarius), the Body of a Lion (Leo), the Hoof of a Bull (Taurus), and the wings of a Eagle (Scorpio). According to Joseph Jochmans the Sphinx originally had large torches which when lit, looked like wings. The side view of the Sphinx mimics the shape of the stars in the constellation of Leo. In the book titled The Message of the Sphinx by Bauval and Hancock, they believed that the Sphinx is a marker for the Age of Leo indicating a date of around 10,500 B.C. At this time, the Sphinx pointed toward the eastern horizon, facing the Sun and constellation Leo as they came over the horizon. The message seems to be pointing specifically to the Age of Leo and its position in the ‘Four Corners of the World’ as being a very significant time in Earth’s history. The builders of the Sphinx, were apparently wanting to draw future humanity’s attention as a warning to what occurs during these critical time periods.

The Erection of the Holy Cross and End of the Mayan Calendar

Nick Fiorenza’s research coincides with the message of the Sphinx. He has determined that the Earth and Sun will be aligning with the center of the galaxy sometime between 1999 and 2000. The equatorial plane of the Earth, known as the eclectic, aligns with the eclectic of the Sun, at the same time that they both align with the eclectic of the Galactic Core. This unique alignment occurs only four times during the precession of the equinox cycle, corresponding with the four corners of the world. The last configuration similar to this upcoming alignment corresponded to around 9500 B.C. He believes there will be major earth changes as in the time of the sinking of Atlantis and the Great Flood, but with one addition, that being a possible dimensional shift.

The Mayans also believed that humanity would be moving to a higher dimension around this time period. They called the end of this calendar cycle the end of time, stating that humanity would no longer need a calendar depicting linear time, for we would be moving to a higher dimension. The end of the Mayan Calendar has been calculated to be between December, 2011 and 2012, or 2013, but when it is correlated to our calendar, it may actually end around 2000, A.D. This correlates with the alignment of the Earth and Sun to the Galactic Core, which would be the definitive astronomical ending point of their calendar. The Mayan Calendar is the only calendar known to be based on Galactic Cycles. The Mayans claimed they created this calendar in order to monitor the light coming from the center of the Galaxy and how it affected our DNA. We now know through the work of Fritz Popp that DNA not only absorbs lights but also emits light. DNA also appears to be the bridge between our physical and etheric bodies. Modern science now realizes that our DNA directly reflects our consciousness, making it possible for us to willfully change our DNA. The ancient Mayans were apparently very aware of our connection to the cosmos described by Gregg Braden as the Sacred Circuit.

The Sacred Circuit

The Sacred Circuit maps our direct connection to the cosmos, based upon the ancient adage ‘as above, so below’, stating that whatever changes occur at the macrocosmic level (galactic core) affect everything at the microcosmic level. Our DNA attunes to our cells, which attune to our brain, which attunes to our heart, which attunes to the Earth, which attunes to the Sun, which along with all the other stars of the galaxy attune to the Galactic Core. So whatever changes occur at the Galactic Core affect everything in the Galaxy all the way down to our DNA. Everything is connected through this sacred circuit by staying in resonance with the cosmic rhythmic pulsations which cause the spinning of stars and planets and even the beating of our heart. The possible origin of these rhythmic pulsations are revealed within the galactic core.

Science now knows that at the center of our galaxy lies a black hole. Black holes and white holes are dimensional doorways whereby energy and matter can pass from one dimension to another. Science postulates that at the center of all galaxies lies a black hole. In 1992, a new frequency was found to be emitted from all known black holes which would have altered the rhythmic pulsation and cause changes to occur throughout the Sacred Circuit.

The January 1998 Scientific American article titled “The Ulysses Mission”, reports the findings of the Ulysses satellite as it approached the sun in 1995 to measure its magnetic poles and field. Scientists expected the Sun’s magnetic field to be like the Earth’s field. Instead they found that “far from the Sun, the magnetic flux emanating outward has essentially the same density at all latitudes”. Previous to the Ulysses’ new discovery, scientists from Earth had determined that the Sun’s magnetic field was concentrated around the north and south poles as would be expected. This was determined by a process known as Zeeman line splitting. It would be interesting to repeat the Zeeman process again and compare it with the earlier findings to see what solar changes are currently occurring. This is only one of many changes that are occurring on the Sun.

In his book, Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden describes many of the changes occurring on the Earth and how they are affecting us in our daily life. The magnetic field of the Earth is decreasing due to a slowing of Earth’s rotation. We are experiencing an intensification of our emotions and increased difficulty in memory recall, because our emotional body and memory are closely connected with the Earth’s magnetic field. Braden also states that the Earth’s heartbeat or the Schuman’s resonance frequency is increasing, which we experience as a sense that time is speeding up. This also tends to bring up deep emotional issues in order to be healed, often creating tensions and conflicts in our personal relationships.

As the Earth’s frequency increases, every cell on the planet is attempting to raise its frequency in order to stay in step with the Earth. Therefore every cell and its energy field are attempting to cast off all negative frequencies and blockages preventing them from increasing their frequency and remain aligned with the Earth’s frequency. This inner healing process is essential for us to stay connected and in harmony with the Earth and the Sacred Circuit. Currently it is believed that we are utilizing 22 of the 64 codons in our DNA, but with the activation occurring within the Sacred Circuit that we will be able to turn on and utilize more of our DNA’s codons.

Top Secret: Operation Noah’s Ark

The dramatic changes occurring within the sacred circuit, the Sun and the ensuing earth changes are of grave concern to the secret government, the world governments and military. They believe humanity could be in a situation of “imminent threat”. The secret government has been monitoring the destruction of our planet due to modern technology and the coming earth changes for nearly five decades.

In 1958, the Rand Corporation was aware of the severe ozone layer destruction (depletion) caused by the continued detonations of nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere through the 1940’s and the 1950’s. Each nuclear explosion burned up massive amounts of ozone in the upper atmosphere. The ozone layer is critical to life on this planet. It not only shields life forms from harmful solar and cosmic rays but also helps hold and contain our atmosphere. The Rand corporation was closely monitoring the ozone depletion in 1958 through the secret government’s own global satellite network. [Note: this was part of a secret space program. The public space program only began to launch their first satellites around this time period. The Russian Sputnik in fall 1957 and the United States in fall of 1958.] The Rand Corporation projections based upon their satellite ozone depletion data predicted the Earth would lose its atmosphere by 2025. The current update from the early 1990s was that this original prediction is still correct according to current ozone depletion levels.

Before the Earth completely loses its atmosphere, the surface water would begin to evaporate causing plant and animal life to die. The oxygen level would continue to drop (which is already dangerously low) until life couldn’t be sustained without artificial environments. These projections prompted the immediate implementation of the infamous alternative 3 programs. Alternative 1 was a failed attempt to directly reverse or at least control the ozone depletion. Alternative 2 was the creation of extensive underground cities. Alternative 3 was to expand the secret space program and leave the planet, creating colonies on first the moon, then Mars. This was due to the concerns of the coming earth changes including a possible polar axis shift. The Rand Corporation has determined that as the magnetic pole approaches the geographic pole, their convergence would accelerate culminating in both a magnetic pole reversal and a 90 degree crustal (surface) shift of the planet, also known as the polar axis shift. It is interesting to note that the most recent crustal sliding (polar axis shift) of the Earth’s atmosphere occurred around 11,500 years ago as indicated in LaViolette’s work.

A polar axis shift creates major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and incredibly violent winds (1-2 thousand mph) due to temporary atmospheric displacement. Historically these shifts have resulted in large scale destruction and loss of life including the extinction of many species.

Operation Noah’s Ark is the modern top secret version of preparing underground facilities to enable key personnel chosen by the secret government and military to survive climatic catastrophe and/or nuclear attack. If you take a map of the military base closings and overlay it on a map of predicted earth changes (Cayce, Scallion, etc.) they almost match perfectly. The idea is to move essential industrial military and government facilities to safer ground, thereby collecting the essence of our modern civilization for retaining and rebuilding life on the planet after the coming devastation. The general public will not be told of this directly. Indirectly, information is being released to prepare the public about surviving the coming earth changes and solar flares. Movies are now being released depicting how to survive natural disasters including volcanoes and asteroid impacts. Consider the inundation in 1997 and 1998 about asteroid impacts in the popular scientific magazines and media. The recent book, Solar Flare by Larry Burkett, depicts in great detail the devastating effects of a major solar flare and surviving its after effects.

Solar Flares

The Sun has an approximate 11 year cycle during which it goes through a solar storm minimum and maximum. Many scientists are expecting the next solar cycle (#23) to be the largest solar maximum ever recorded. Even though the sun’s maximum cycle won’t peak until around 2000, it has already been producing the largest coronal mass ejections recorded. There were many solar flares in 1997, including the dates of January 6, April 7, and November 6. In 1998 around Memorial Day there was a week long period of intense solar flare activity including the first ever recorded “solar quake” similar to an earthquake.

During a solar storm the Sun spews out streams of plasma or electrically charged gas of electrons and protons which form into solar winds. These solar explosions shoot the plasma through coronal holes into the sun’s surface and magnetic field. A solar flare is the common term used for what scientists call a solar magnetosphere dislocation or a mass coronal ejection (CME). If one of the coronal holes happens to be directed toward Earth the resulting solar flare could strike the Earth’s magnetic field at speeds of 620 miles per second, bending the magnetic lines of force and penetrating to Earth’s surface.

There is a scale for solar flares similar in concept to the Richter scale for earthquakes. A level 6 to 7 solar flare occurs about every 140 years, but has never occurred during the modern electronic era. The potential effects of a 6 to 7 level solar flare and its resultant geomagnetic storm on Earth are:

– an immediate and rapid heating of the atmosphere on the sun side of Earth in a matter of minutes (having enough energy to boil away the Mediterranean Sea). This would create severe droughts, including crop and forest devastation, causing food shortages and loss of sufficient potable water

– the rapid heating of the ocean’s surface would generate extreme global weather conditions including hurricanes and tornadoes

– an increase in ozone layer destruction resulting in the increase of ultraviolet rays, which might be connected with human infertility, as it’s been reportedly linked to increased in solar activity. Lowered male sperm counts and infertility have become significant medical issues in the past few years.

– As reported in the Arizona Republic article of 5/5/96 titled “Solar Storm Should Stir Some Chaos”, scientist are expecting in the next few years the storm of the millenium, possibly around January 2000. It is expected to send compass needles askew, disrupting radio, TV, telephone, computer and satellite communications, power lines and radar systems.

– The TIME Magazine article of 9/6/96 titled “Cosmic Storm Coming”, affirms that scientists warn of solar storms knocking out communications and power grid networks across large areas of the planet causing billions of dollars of damage and loss of life. With a global disruption of communications, computers and electrical power, economic collapse and chaos would likely immediately ensue, automatically ending our modern electronic era.

– Damage from solar storms is well known, including the temporary and permanent loss of communication satellites. In 1994, two Canadian satellites were disabled, resulting in the disruption in transmission of Canadian cable and pay TV services. During the last solar maximum in 1989, a power surge from a solar flare overloaded the Quebec power grid, knocking out power for 6 million people.

(Visit to learn more about solar storms and space weather.)

Observed Dramatic Changes with our Sun

The United Sates Naval Observatory has been recording solar data since 1840, which conclusively shows the Sun has been shrinking at a rate of 16 kilometers per year. As the Sun continues to shrink, it could reach a point where it collapses into a smaller star. This would create violent solar magnetic field changes and shifts in the solar wind density, possibly creating changes in the orbits and axis of the planets. This could also include an ejection of the outer coronal shell. Stan Deyo, in his Nexus article of April/May 1995 titled “The Link Between Earthquakes and Solar Changes”, reports that in 1991, an outer layer of the Sun’s corona had disappeared and the Sun began emitting a new band of spectral emissions. Due to these intense changes occurring with our Sun, the world governments have launched significant numbers of space craft in the past several years as part of the International Solar- Terrestrial Explorer (ISTP) initiative. This is a multi-year effort to study the Sun and its effects on Earth. Some of the spacecraft launched include: The Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer, The Polar Satellite, SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) and the ACE Satellite (Advanced Composition Explorer).

Probable Timing of the Earth Changes and Dimensional Shift

As we have seen, changes occurring on a galactic level affect all the stars of the galaxy including our Sun. Changes occurring on the Sun intimately affect the Earth including humanity’s fate. The core of our galaxy is entering a cyclical explosive phase, which creates superwaves (galactic core explosion). A galactic core explosion creates intense winds of cosmic ray particles (cosmic dust) equivalent to the energy released from five to ten million supernova (exploding stars) explosions. These massive galactic outbursts occur approximately every ten thousand years. The last one occurred about 9,500 BC. The cosmic cycles appear to be currently repeating themselves.

According to La Violette, as many as two superwaves may have already left the galactic center and be speeding toward our solar system. There is no way to see the superwaves coming, so we don’t know exactly when they will arrive in our solar system. The Ulysses Satellite found that interstellar dust is currently entering the solar system from the direction of the galactic core.

As solar storm activity increases and peaks in 2000, we can expect an increase in severe weather, including earthquakes and volcanoes. According to the Unitas Centre for Advanced Research Development, there is a direct link between solar storms (sun spots) and Earth’s weather. Earth’s weather is actually caused by the activities occurring on the Sun as it effects our atmosphere. Therefore we can expect solar and earth changes to continue escalating through 2000 and possibly beyond.

The convergence of most of these factors with a possible dimensional shift would be strongest between July 1999 and May 5 2000. The only quatrain of Nostradamus’ that gave a specific date is number 72 which states: ” in the year 1999 [and] seven months, from the sky will come a great king of terror.” Some believe this king of terror from the sky could be an asteroid but it could also be a mega solar flare, perhaps even the storm of the millenium that scientists and the US government are expecting. The other side of the window is May 5, 2000, when most of the planets of our solar system line up in a near straight line. This major planetary alignment occurs approximately every 500,000 years. The combined effect of the aligned planets with their gravitational and magnetic fields will put added pressure on each of the planets surfaces, creating a possible increase in earthquakes and volcanoes. This alignment will also create an increase in solar storms, especially since the creation of sunspots is linked to the alignment of the orbiting planets in the solar system.

Another factor adding to the increase of earthquakes and volcanoes has been discovered by an Australian seismologist, Vadim Anfiloff. He has found strong evidence that the Earth is currently contracting, putting additional stress and pressure on the Earth’s crust.

Galactic Superwave and the Second Coming of Christ

William Henry, author of the book The Peacemaker, believes that the king of terror from the sky may be a mega solar flare, created from an explosion of fire coming from the center of the galaxy. The ancients called the galactic core Tula. They believed that conscious attunement to Tula was essential to spiritual development. This fire would be a purifying fire and could be the second coming of Christ as a new frequency permeating throughout the galaxy.The arrival of the true Christ Consciousness may be what awaits us upon the appearance of the galactic superwave heading towards us.

Many of the indigenous cultures are closely watching the changes occurring with the Sun. They also believe the day of purification and judgement may come in the form of cosmic and solar forces which will initiate a possible dimensional shift, pushing those in harmony with the Earth and universe through the cosmic Stargate.


It appears we are soon heading towards something wonderful and very significant during this critical time for humanity. This is not something to fear but to fully embrace and rise to the challenge within our hearts and souls. We have an opportunity to raise the conscious vibration of humanity as a whole to a new high. There are no spiritual chosen ones picked by some elite- it is completely up to us. We can be a chosen one by preparing ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The choice is fully our own- if we are willing to heal and forego that within which prevents us from being in harmony and oneness with each other, the universe and the Divine.

We Americans, in particular, have been lulled into a dreamlike state, believing since the late 1940’s that the opulent lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to could be maintained indefinitely with no detrimental effects to the planet or our souls. The day of reckoning is near. It’s time to either voluntarily awaken from the dream and change, or be abruptly and swiftly awakened possibly too late.

We have accomplished great things through our technology, but due to its misuse and overuse we have nearly destroyed life on this planet. The Earth will survive, but we may not, at least in the physical dimension. Our technological means has exceeded our spiritual awareness and understanding, for example, with nuclear bombs, genetic engineering and time traveling. It is time that we begin to shift back to using our consciousness and energy field (that which is within us) to create and accomplish what we need vs. being dependent on technology (things outside of ourselves). In dimensions beyond this physical dimension, all we take with us is our essence: our divine spirit essence (beingness) and our soul, including our consciousness and its energy field. It may be time for us to begin developing these inner abilities now!

Part two of “Cosmic Stargate” will include:

– What we can do now to prepare physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, for the opening of the cosmic stargate into the next dimension

– Learning how to heal and open our heart, to begin seeing and feeling through the eyes of our heart and soul

– Consciously navigating non-physical and multidimensional realities



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