“…Being initiated in those Mysteries, which it is lawful to call the most blessed of all mysteries… we are freed from the molestations of evil which otherwise await us in a future period of time. Likewise, in consequence of this divine initiation, we become spectators of entire, simple, immovable, and blessed visions, resident in a pure light. In all the initiations and mysteries, the gods exhibit many forms of themselves, and sometimes, indeed, a formless light of themselves is held forth to the view; sometimes this light is according to a human form, and sometimes just a pure, simple white light that is a shadow of another more resplendent that itself…

…The highest visions, the most truthful, are not produced through mediums, as it is sometimes erroneously asserted, but through a regular discipline as gradual initiations and development of psychic powers.

Being pure and immaculate ourselves, we are then liberated from the surrounding garment which we denominate body, and to which now are bound like an oyster to a shell…

…It is the trinity of man himself, of his way to becoming immortal through the solemn union of his inner triune self. It is when this trinity, in anticipation of the final triumphant reunion beyond the gates of corporal death become for a few seconds a unity, that the candidate is allowed, at the moment of initiations, to behold his future self…

…It is not possible to reveal this, as it must remain a mystery to the world so long as the materialistic savant regards it as an undemonstrated fallacy and insane hallucination, and even to the dogmatic theologian, a snare of the Evil One…?


In the heavens there arose a massive burst from the polar North of the Earth?s sphere. The magnanimous, billowing blast produced an upward tunnel that rose high into the heavens and blossomed out into billowing white clouds in the fantastical shape of a large mushroom. The cloud transmuted and flattened somewhat forming a massive wingspan that was the length, breadth, and height of the cloud within the whitened, illumined cloud burst. The profoundly illumined head of a brilliant being shined like billions of nuclear bursts, then formed into one massive glow too boldly brilliant to look upon, and the lower upflowing tunnel of the cloud transmuted into the whitened robes of the Christed One. In large, white, illuminated letters above the profoundly illumined head that shone as the sun appeared the words,

?And everyone great and small upon the earth shall behold his face…?

As the cloud burst and the mammoth shape of the Christed One appeared within the form, many billions of people of the Earth stared toward the heavens, their heads combining to create a mirage of the dark brown, blended, chaotic mass that covered the entire planet.

A gargantuan, seething Leviathan-like Serpent of immense poise and exquisite, sensual beauty arose within view to the left from within the depths of stark darkness – a darkness so deep and still as to make one silent and frozen. The slowly writhing, manically leering creature was an elegant, emerald green with black diamond patterns and I watched in silent awe as it undulated through and from the depths of the deep, rising as if to stand tall in the full vista of my vision.

One with, yet somehow apart from the vision, I beheld the Christed One who pointed to the upflowing tunnel that was the whitened robe and boomed in a thunderous voice,

?None to the Father except through me!?

The Christed One then arose from the billowing cloud and sat atop it in a stately manner on a lustrous throne of the whitest, glowing alabaster, with arms resting on the sides. This was an elegant, gracious, but fearsome entity that was at the same time in and of the entire blended permutation that was the event itself. Its face shone as some brilliant super novae and the people of the Earth trembled and being transfixed, all were quite unable to detach themselves from the sight.

The heavens separated and the huge, life-filled, Leviathan-like Serpent continued undulating slowly through the velveteen darkness – a stillness so deep as to render even myself dazed. My silent gaze slowly moved to the teetering forces of brilliant light on the right which began pushing forth and back against the darkness on the left, and to all appearances, one pushed the other in equal force.

As this battle of blending light and dark force occurred, I saw the Earth spinning on its Axis so rapidly that all was chaotically blurred, except for the visible Axis Pole that ran through it leaning to the right. The Axis Pole then quickly shifted, leaning sharply to the left toward the giant Serpent, and I moved further back to behold all simultaneously within the field of vision. As the Axis Pole shifted, the Earth stopped its rapid revolution and awesomely reversed its trek, first slowly, then rapidly, expeditiously spinning counterclockwise until at last slowing to a somewhat normal pace.

I once again beheld the many peoples of the Earth, who in wretched and frightened mass gazed continuously upward. Within the field of view the Archangel Michael made entrance from the brilliant glow of the right and many inhabitants of the light force manifested themselves moving about within the heavens of light. The scene had become such that the Serpent inhabited the entire sphere of darkness to the left, the angelic reams inhabited the entire spheres of light to the right, and the Earth teetered in betwixt in the balance of the yin-yang like picture.

The Archangel Michael and other strong entities and forces of the light neared the Earth as the Sun actually moved from the heavens into and becoming the dual eyes of the Serpent making them a glowing and deep, fiery yellow. The eyes of the Serpent then manifested as monstrous abysses of torrid flame. The eyes opened brightly and with mild flickering, finally the ambiguous, but mildly maniacal glare of the Serpent turned toward the Archangel Michael in calm anticipation. The Archangel Michael called forth each human, one at a time, to singly approach the high throne of the Christed One, which had become like unto a high throne of judgment.
Some intensely elated ones were transformed and instantaneously joined the light forces to the right as sparkling stars within that flitted around in great joy. Others approached the throne of judgment and turned in fright to the Archangel Michael who cast a fierce and huge, fiery spear with a brightly glowing, ardent tip through the heart of the harshly judged soul. Raising his right arm high, and lifting the entity high above his head, with a mighty thrust, the Archangel Michael cast the ill-judged one into the glowing eyes of the Serpent, and the entire spread of the darkened body could be seen falling into the pitted flames that were the Serpent?s eyes. Still, the ancient, keen eyes of the Serpent remained unflinching, reticent, and it undauntingly faced the Archangel Michael.

I watched in ethereal delight counteracted by grief stricken horror as one after another of the humans of the Earth slowly encountered the high throne and departing, either took brilliant, sparkling, gleeful, and playful flight, or shrieked in unmentionable horror as the Archangel?s fiery weapon pierced their heart. I mourned in deep woe as the dark ones were lifted high into the air, and as the atrocious sound of fleshly heart singed, piercing my hearing as they were cast into the fiery eyes of the Serpent. Torn between teetering comprehension, I beheld and felt the acute joy of the starry ones in the light. I agonized in deep shock and remorse for the dark, inflamed bodies I could see falling within the vast, sun-filled eyes of the Serpent.

At the completion of the mighty deed, the Archangel Michael took the torrid rod and with it diligently seared each eye of the Serpent tightly closed, sealing within the Sun and all the unfortunate ones who would be purged within. As the Archangel Michael performed this task, the Serpent became blithe, and at the Archangel?s bold and undaunting bidding, slowly slithered into the oblivion of the velvety darkness. Deep, deep within dark oceans the Serpent spiraled downward. At the same time the forces of light, including the glittering, starry ones, superceded the darkness and a blinding light covered the entirety of vision.

I then saw the organization and formation of the concentric circles of heaven as the starry ones began to congest according to their particular frequency. The circles of heaven were concentric with the center being so bright as to become impossible to behold, and each of the outer rings being comprised of the brilliance of the starry ones in unison, according to their nature and illumination.

The outer circles, larger by their population and mass shone less densely than the inner, but there was immense excitement, joy and great harmony within tones throughout the entire scene. I quickly joined, blending within the concentric circles. Knowledge became evident that the outer forces of light, slightly waning, could once again be tempted when the Serpent was once again allowed to rise. This brought only minor remorse, as I had only a moment to grieve the purging of the errant ones in the sun-filled eyes of the Serpent prior to joining the forces of light and blending within the concentric circles of heaven.

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