?Whether in death or in life, the Ego demands a place for the soul. Driven by the same, the condition of the human mind is such that it ill accepts total annihilation, instead autonomously seeks immortality in one form or another, as well as punishment or reward for its deeds…?

What is it in within human existence that keeps one pondering the heights and depths of Heaven and Hell? The personal Ego struggles for survival in a mass of chaos with the balance consisting of Heaven or Hell. Deep within the psyche, and driven from the lowest valleys to the highest peaks of the thinking mind is the gnosis of immortality and since it exists, how one might best dwell within eternal life. There are few thinking humans who have not pondered at one time or another the existence of the Divine, the processes of life and death, and the existence of Heaven and Hell. Regardless of personal conclusion, belief, or knowledge, throughout the known history of mankind interwoven threads and particles of consciousness have inspired humans to ponder their origin, the meaning of human existence, and the future of the life force.

The subject of Heaven and Hell has never lessened in intensity throughout the myriad of the long past and existing sciences, doctrines, and philosophies. Whether or not a particular mode of thought adheres to the discussion of immortality, it must always ponder origin, which includes the long debated argument between creation and evolution, and inevitably the discussion of the purpose and future of life in all of its forms. This hotly debated controversy is a moot point, because it becomes obvious to the thinking mind that there is a force that directs both creation and evolution – and that force is the Divine, the Sum Alpha and the Sum Finis, without beginning or end.

Heaven and Hell can be described using many approaches and many idealisms. Heaven can be as simple as the ultimate and evolutionary survival of life species, and hell the death or extinction of such. It is only when pondering the Divine and how it affects life spiritually that different equations are added to the solution of Heaven and Hell. The contrast of Heaven and Hell can be symbolized by light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness).
Our individual participation in this contrast consists of the Rise to Consciousness, obtaining union/reunion with the Divine. The human evolutionary course of this emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental trek is life. The soul, driven by the binary forces of light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness), is united with the spirit in its quest to keep us in freedom during our sojourn through the cosmos. According to Emanuel Swedenborg, a noted spiritual visionary, ?The reason we are united in spirit to both Heaven and Hell is to keep us in freedom.?

The multidimensional human is part and particle of the cosmic ocean from which it hails. The constantly shifting, atomic forces of the universe transmute through what we call ?death?, transforming and transposing structures throughout the cosmos. Cosmic transmutation not only processes through death, but is also an incessant transformation throughout life with homo sapiens replacing nearly every cell in its form in repetitive cycles of seven years.

The dust of a distant star in time becomes a constituent in the human body. Death, as we know it, does not exist, as all material bodies transmute and return to base form for use in some other measure of evolutionary creation. What we have come to understand as death is a mere casting away of outer garments, through which they are purged, shed, and cosmically laundered for reuse. Considering the shifting, temporal material life form, it becomes necessary to ponder the outward and inward bodies as they interrelate, for it is through a harmony of balancing such that the soul survives the alchemy of death.

It is usually always the inner life form that is presupposed with the pondering of Heaven and Hell and what it means to the overall well-being and unity of the multidimensional body. In one sense, it should be the goal of human intention to bridge Heaven and Hell by the enlightened, conscious mind that interweaves the two. In order to do so, the material life form must serve as a temple or dwelling for the inner bodies.

It becomes critically important to well care for the temple, and at the same time focus on the inner rise to consciousness. The goal is not to deny the flesh form, but to properly transcend it. This is evidenced in ancient biblical texts by the rise of Moses and Elijah in the flesh, and the transcendence and transmutation of the fleshly form by Jesus Christ. The ancient, lost art of undying through the personal Rise to Consciousness becomes paramount in our discussion and understanding of both Heaven and Hell.

The vision of Heaven can be likened unto illumined, concentric circles of white light with the inner core radiating at the highest frequency. As the circles radiate outwards, the light, or frequency, lessens in degree. The vision of Hell might be identified as the denser frequencies, spiraling in downward masses in the darkest, abysmal oceans of the cosmos. The art of undying involves a concerted effort throughout temporal life to understand and reach that state known as Heaven, a rise to consciousness (light). The soul, having gone through the many stages and transformations of death, is drawn into the realms of consciousness (light) in which its frequency easily adapts.

At the time of transmutation through death, the soul, endowed with consciously enlightened spirit, must be able to survive the intense journey through the cosmic realms to that existence known as Heaven, reuniting with the Divine. Simply speaking, to reach Heaven our inner essence must acutely vibrate at a high enough frequency to be able to dwell within the realms of light. Hell, the eternal abode of the unconscious mind, is reserved for the souls who have not achieved enough measure of consciousness (light) to survive within the concentric circles of Heaven.

Although this vision of Heaven and Hell serves as an ethereal analogy to help one relate to the inner realms of consciousness (light) and unconsciousness (darkness), the more earthly measures of Heaven and Hell can be readily evidenced in daily life. On Earth, the material realm that allows mankind to link Heaven and Hell, the multidimensional human body serves as a bridge. It is in this third dimensional realm, bound by the fourth dimension of time, that the human body serves as a temple for reuniting the higher dimensional bodies.

To sin, or to fall short of the mark, is to temporarily lack the characteristics necessary for maintaining the evolution of consciousness (light). The human soul dwells in a realm of highest contrast, implicitly designed to further its conscious growth. Torn between the in-depth blends of consciousness/unconsciousness (light/darkness) the soul desperately seeks to maintain unity and further unite itSELF within the multidimensional realms. That arduous, fiercely passionate, ever-challenging struggle itself is the catalyst that separates homo sapiens from the animal kingdom, and furthers one along the path of consciousness (light).

Let there be no misunderstanding about the high and profound challenges of the soul on the path that leads to Heaven and Hell. Deep within the realms of Hell lies Power untold which is often embodied and made blatantly manifest within our realm. Dwelling within the depths of unconsciousness (darkness) the shadowy Sons of Darkness, intimately attached within our multidimensional bodies, rise in desperate struggles for life and consciousness, battling fiercely the Sons of Light who masterfully, powerfully, and incessantly wage from the higher dimensions.

The mind of the human becomes a virtual battleground between Heaven and Hell, often leaving the human aspect of even the hierophant quite gaunt. The enlightened spirit on the path of consciousness quickly learns to fortify itself within the realms of light, calling on the unyielding forces to anchor and protect the soul. Personal religion directs one to seek fortitude and strength, and during this session whether prayer, ritual, or silent contemplation, the soul through free will yields and is responsive to the waves of consciousness (light) from on high that shields and alters the forces that surround it. The response from on high is seen in the multifarious language of religion as guardian angels, light force, Sons of Light, the shield and armor of the Lord, and many other relative analogies.

The importance of this yielding is to evolve the soul upward within the spiraling dimensions of light to closer reunion with the Divine. If one falls within the downward spiral of the unconscious world of darkness, the actions of the individual within the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental bodies will become subject to the ill influences of the realm of unconsciousness (darkness). If not altered, this state of being opens a broad path for the embodiment of the Sons of Darkness which use the life force, with little care or regard for the personal well being of the spirit, and eventually casting the defused soul within the shadowy realms of Hell.

In this vast and long enduring battle between Heaven and Hell, the balancing of consciousness (light) and unconsciousness (darkness) becomes critical. In an ideal individual battle, it is the knowledge and understanding of the Great Adversary, the embodiment of the unconscious realm of the dark shadows, that aids in the climb toward consciousness. This Great Adversary, while incessantly ferocious and hellishly monstrous, always serves a cause that points one toward Heaven.

This Adversary appears in whatever form is necessary to facilitate the desired effect in the human, and often deceives the neophyte whom has not learned to rely upon the inner facilities of intuitive discernment. The Great Adversary, in one form or another, may appear over and over again, until the aspirant grasps the knowledge of how to free itself from the grips of horror by calling upon the Sons of Light for shielding and assistance. It is at this cusp of failure that the Rise to Consciousness is fertilized and the soul gathers fortitude and strength for it elevation to the next stage of awareness.

In keeping with the thought of constant growth and evolution, then how does a soul become captured within the realms of Hell? In its current status, until the soul has mastered the art of undying, having met its reunion with the Divine wherein the struggle is no longer required, it must survive the various stages of death, which culminates as the massive scale of balance for the wheel of life.

If within the course of a lifetime, the unrepentant and totally remorseless soul has completely succumbed to the denser frequencies, completely embodying itself in the vices of darkness, the scale is tipped and the soul plummets downward into the spiraling depths of darkness – meeting its own kind within the concentric realms and depths of Hell. If a mere spark of consciousness survives the balancing scales of the stages of death, the ethereal fires purge the dross of the soul into the realms of unconsciousness (darkness) and the remainder gravitates toward frequencies of its own kind within the concentric realms of Heaven.

When pondering the process of Heaven and Hell in the descriptive analogy above, the next factor to consider would be whether or not the soul reincarnates, taking another life form in its evolution. In common discussion of reincarnation, humans often mistake the purpose and intent. The multiple incarnation of the soul of the human is not constant. It is not feasible to conclude that a maniacal soul completely captured within the realms of Hell, some so unyielding and demonically vile as to risk total annihilation, would be allowed opportunity to again live in human form in this universal life cycle in which our planet is currently involved.

They are, at best, held within the grips of immortal Hell until such time as the Divine alters the course of current evolution. They do, at best, often serve multiple purposes. Because of their psychical and past worldly connections to individual humans, they sometimes serve the hellish and often painful purpose of balancing cause and effect. They also serve as examples to the human race of the consequences of executing free will toward unrepentant vice. On the other hand, if so much as a spark of consciousness (light) remains after passing the great balancing during the stages of death, the enlightened soul, for various Divine purposes, can be afforded the opportunity to take on additional life forms until the enlightened point of evolution in the Rise to Consciousness is reached, alleviating the necessity for further human sojourns.

This does not always have to occur, but is a decision made by the soul, allowed by the Divine, to achieve further growth. In addition, there are instances where a soul, highly endowed with the spirit of consciousness (light), chooses to return to life as part of the Divine plan in order to assist in the development and education of mankind toward higher consciousness (light). The difference between these two orders of incarnating souls is that the first mentioned soul primarily returns for the balancing of cause and effect, the mastering of a lesson unlearned, or the correction of actions rendered upon another. The second, highly endowed with the spirit of consciousness (light), returns without the necessity of cause and effect, but to further serve the evolution of mankind through the Divine.

In addition, when considering multiple incarnations and case studies of the same, one must bring to mind the purpose for which an individual begins to identify and recall the ancient history of the soul. This natural, evolutionary recollection of memory often begins with small fragments and identifications within the life span of an individual, and is always for the purpose of the advancement of knowledge in the unification of the soul, as well as for better understanding of what remains to be achieved.

This recollection of ancient memory comes in gradual stages and in the ultimate Battle of the Shadows is brought to full light within the mind of the individual so that the purpose of the battle is acknowledged and the goal well understood. Within the Battle of the Shadows , the evolving mind recollects personal fragments and portions of the unconscious mind from the deep ocean of the collective unconsciousness, a vast storehouse of perfect memory, thoughts, and imbalanced emotional energies. The personal fragments of memory and emotion surviving within the collective unconsciousness over many life times can be quite massive, even overwhelming within the process of sublimation.

The well grounded alchemist must strive to maintain a sense of identity with the soul while reviewing even the most grieving moments of the past within the rise to consciousness and reunion with the Divine. The intent and goal of the truest battle of the soul must be acknowledged, encountered, and acted upon without fail. This is most diligently achieved through logic, which sorts out the issues at hand, and ultimately faith that endeavors the individual ever forward and assures of its success.

Heaven is never some far off, distant place in the universe that good souls may through grace be allowed entrance. Hell is not a dark abyss that one falls into as punishment for deeds. What one must know at all times is the self knowledge that both Heaven and Hell are intricately woven into the fabrics of our being, that we are co-creators in their existence and powers, and that humans are eternally faced with the issue of Heaven and Hell even beyond the point when the soul takes abode in one or the other.

All the cosmos exists in which to aid us in our quest of Heaven and Hell. The cosmic bodies, in addition to purposes we do not even comprehend, align and realign our inner bodies influencing our approach and growth during the rise to consciousness. The effects of the Macrocosm-Microcosm is seen throughout our evolution, providing ample evidence that our SELVES are never completely separate from that which is above or below, but intricately interwoven in the creation of Heaven and Hell.


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