The trumpet sounds; the Herald calls the Child
To rise and be rewarded – or reviled.
Reborn from ash that roasted in the Arc,
His spirit body bears the golden mark.
Arise, and let the poles be reconciled!

A balance holds opposing forces, bound
But separate. Herein harmony is found,
The child of Strife and Love. The keen-edged blade
Divides accurately, truth with wisdom weighed.
By balanced deeds the cosmic mind is crowned.

Versus de Arcanis Majoribus

The combined principles of modern biology, physics, and chemistry are rising in quantum leaps to keep pace with the ancient knowledge and wisdom of our human ancestry. With the rise of technology it has become possible to define in understandable terms that which previously had no explanation – the dualistic human process of inner and outer growth which affects not only humans and their world in third dimensional existence and beyond, but all life throughout the quantum universes.

Once the bridge between science and philosophy has been made complete, we will begin to see that there has never been a true discrepancy. That bridge is consciousness. The hotly debated scientific versus philosophical solution to mankinds quest concerning human nature and the gods becomes a moot point. It will be found that the scientist and the philosopher speak of the same phenomena, yet in similar, but different languages. The scientific speaks the language of exoteric geometry relating to a physical, tangible realm.

The philosopher speaks the language of esoteric geometry relating to an ethereal realm. It will also become obvious, that in all fairness to ancient wisdom and its misunderstood symbology, it has maintained sound and immutable philosophical and scientific principles and knowledge. However, this has been contained solely within the language of various philosophical systems and most often sometimes secretively and intentionally so in order to preserve integrity.

There are many paths leading to Truth. The path of consciousness according to mystics is an innate reality for us and the key to the mysteries of God and the universe. It is considered by mystics the closest source of energy, harmony, and knowledge of Self and God. Therefore, they have resolved throughout the ages to uphold that consciousness cannot be measured by scientific means, but also cannot be discredited by it, because it does not exist purely in the temporal realm.

The path of the scientist, who focuses on the external realms and strives to explain the world through measures in space and time, still is forced to follow the laws of cause and effect, or action versus reaction – the same laws upheld by the philosophers. Thereby, followers of each method end up on the same path, for one cannot be understood nor explained in an acceptable, coherent manner without the other. “Nature is a great open book in which everything can be found, if we learn to draw from it the inspiration which it has given to thinkers of all ages. If we learn her language, nature will reveal to us all the laws of life and the universe.”

It is within the science of human biology and the wisdom of human philosophy wherein lies our immediate concern. Both the biological and the spiritual processes of human evolution are natural and inevitable. These will occur with or without our conscious will being focused toward that cause. This is referred to as action through inaction, because the entire universe is an infinitely moving, changing, living force.

Even if we take no conscious action to understand or keep pace with that force, we are contained within it and thereby totally affected by it as separate units and as a whole. There is no way to ignore it and it is this force that drives the unconscious to become aware of itSELF – and to seek the counterbalance of consciousness and enlightenment -The Union and Reunion of Opposites. In one sense, this is UNION, because we have never really as humans possessed the SELF, and in another sense it is REUNION, or redemption, because we are getting back the SELF that belongs to us.

The Source of our being is sound. Transmitted sound oscillates creating quantum particle waves (frequencies) measurable in cycles per second (hertz units). The resonating particle waves constitute the various dimensional realms and the oscillation rate determines how the waves are banded together within a dimension. Various rates of frequency actually determine the density of sound and as it slows and gains distance/separation from its originating point it both expands and moves through the formation of light, the color spectrum, and finally spirals downward into matter, composed of atoms.

The atom is spherical with electrons orbiting the nucleus. Through magnetic force, the positive particles within the nucleus bonded with an equal number of negative particles outside the nucleus create the neutrality of the atom. Atoms cluster and grow in harmonic sequence according to direct oscillation from the Source. As the cluster becomes larger and more dense, the orbit of the atoms is reduced in speed and the matter becomes even more dense. The atom resonates forth and back between two dimensions at such a high rate that it creates its own dual, null resonance wave (similar opposite polarities) which is the balance of the forces of inertia and gravity.

This null resonance wave is known in modern physics as the electromagnetic “zero point” and is the center of the electron and the time reversed positron. According to the conclusions of some contemporary physicists, mass and gravity are not real, but assumed, and gravity is a fluctuation force produced when atoms react within a vacuum of energy. Gravity determines space and time, and when the gravitational force is reduced, the space/time continuum is transcended. Thus, contained within matter itSELF is a vacuum – a quantum wave of calm inner space that has its own resonance and energy and esoterically speaking, is the place of union with the force known as God. This vacuum has no distance and no time and may well be considered the realm or dimension of angels. It may also be considered the realm of consciousness wherein the past, present, and future are seen in the same light.

Once the atom gains high density and has thereby altered its ability to produce a balanced null resonance wave, it becomes less capable of receiving direct oscillation, or impetus from the Source, and is thereby considered a resistor. This is exemplified in the basic foundations of electricity, as when the electron is shielded by a resistor the movement of electrons in the energy field is slowed. In this situation, the atom then flounders, spiraling downward toward the more dense, physical realms. On the other hand, it if spins too fast and loses too much density, or becomes too conductive, it also loses the delicate balance that affords the null resonance wave. It then becomes ethereal and spiraling upward, detaches from the physical realms. In this condition it remains an energy, but one that science has not defined. In relationship to the rise to higher consciousness, this upward ethereal ascension may seem desirable.

However, while many esoteric systems teach ascension, if this process occurs prematurely and without all the faculties having been fully prepared, it can result in ill effects in the improperly balanced/aligned atomic mass, or even cause combustion. For this reason it appears critical to balance the atomic structure of both the inner body of light and the outer body of flesh in order to keep the channels clear to the Source. In other words, our immediate goal should be balance, or The Union and Reunion of Opposites. When the opposite polarities are balanced, only then can one ascend.

Another aspect of atomic biology is the double helix structure of DNA, symbolized in medicine and philosophy by the caduceus (two serpents entwined on a staff). The naturally alchemized elements in the body produce a connective, magnetic field around the double helix and this field may serve as a conductive path or channel for higher forces (literally a physical, conductive gateway between the inner light body and the physical body).

The structure of both the atom and the DNA and their function in human life is not only the critical substance of biological and physical science, but also of philosophy and religion. An understanding of how they interrelate with the higher life forces – and the Source – points one toward the pathway of The Union and Reunion of Opposites.

In philosophical terms, The Union and Reunion of Opposites is described as the integration and unification of the conscious and the unconscious. This is symbolized in every conceivable pair of opposites (i.e. God/Satan, Sun/Moon, light/dark, male/female, fire/water, active/passive, life/ death, etc.) The harmonizing of the functions of consciousness brings into balance thinking, sensing, feeling, and intuition.

These are symbolized in the four alchemical elements of fire, air, earth, and water. At the same time these four functions are being brought into harmony, the fully integrated consciousness must be unified with its polar opposite – unconsciousness. The strife between the opposites creates the rotation (oscillation) of the elements and the task of the SELF is to harmonize these elements in order to maintain a balanced rotation (the same referred to as the null resonance wave produced by polarization of the atom). Such is the task of the alchemical philosopher.

The tale of the unification of opposites is seen not only in alchemy, but throughout all philosophical and religious systems in all world cultures. Many ancient, pagan symbols are borrowed to show the process of illumination, and the trials and tasks of many mythological archetypes represent the same. For example, the Archangel Michael victoriously slays the dragon, Jason the Argonaut through hardship and trial collects the golden fleece, and Heracles is triumphantly announced a hero-king after methodically completing a series of esoteric tasks that prove his worthiness and bring his enlightenment.

Egyptian tales are abound with gods and goddesses, priests and priestesses, who achieve their rise to consciousness through varied ordeals. Chinese myth holds high the tale of the dragon and the egg, symbolic of divine wisdom. This same symbolism is taken to a national scale in the slaying of the dragons of Scotland by St. George, and of Ireland by St. Patrick. The Archangel Michael is not only the protectorate of the Hebrews, but remains a Christian iconic hero, who not only slays the ultimate dragon of Revelation, but the more individualized dragons that torment his people.
The esoteric symbol of the winged and wingless dragon/serpent throughout all cultures, of which Jung took the heroic step of trying to explain, is seen in terms of the conscious/unconscious mind. The dragon is often synonymous with the dual aspect of the serpent, which as the caduceus represents, is both conscious/unconscious. The dragon is the “mercurial serpent” and is also synonymous with the divine water and egg, and its symbolism goes back as far as Lilith, or Melusina, who lives in the philosophical tree. Later, Christ appears as the archetype of consciousness and Mercurius as the archetype of unconsciousness.

Thereby, the dragon is related closely to the creative godhead in symbolism, and also represents the union of opposites. The androgynous uroborous dragon impregnates, bears, devours, and slays itself; then lifts itself on high, paraphrasing the mystery of Gods sacrificial death. It is also said of Mercurius that, he will make you a witness of the mysteries of God and secrets of nature, and that he is the messenger of the gods. Mercurius, the dragon/serpent, is never himself the light, but a bringer of the light, as seen in the symbolism of Venus (symbolic of both Lucifer – the bringer of light, and Christ – the light). Those who are ignoring of this bringer of light turn the dragon into a diabolical seducer.

The dragon represents the initial state of unconsciousness because it loves to “dwell in caverns and dark places”. Unconsciousness must be sacrificed, and only then can the entrance into the head be found, and the way to conscious knowledge and understanding. The alchemist is instructed to take the dragon, cut through it with the dividing sword, and take its soul incorporating it into the aspect of consciousness. Thus, one never really slays the dragon, but instead transforms its unconscious substance to higher consciousness. The universal struggle of the hero with the dragon is thereby enacted, and at its victorious conclusion the Sun rises, consciousness dawns, and it is perceived that transformation (illumination) is taking place.

Carl Sagan described the three tiers of the human brain as the reptilian (the most ancient and deepest layer), the limbic (the middle tier that directs motor sensory and normal life functions), and the neocortex (the uncharted territory of the upper realms). He also used the symbolic dragon to portray the dormant, sleeping, reptilian part of the brain that is both ancient and undisturbed. When the sleeping dragon rises, his fire (kundalini?) surges throughout the various layers and in alchemical measures awakens and integrates the triune brain.

The dragons breath strikes far into the upper neocortex stimulating areas that have either been undiscovered in modern humans, or perhaps areas that we used in prior eons and from which we have fallen. In either case these areas are not accessible to humans without focused will and effort toward developing higher consciousness. This model of the triune brain is somewhat explanatory of the esoteric terminology of the chariot (limbic system) that draws the Sun (neocortex) and the Moon (reptilian), carrying them forth into the heavens (mystical union where all opposites are united).

For some, the exoteric language of geometry, spoken in mathematical and scientific terminology, brings the universal principles into cohesion and clarity enabling one to understand the inconceivable nature of the world of the opposites. The scientist reduces his symbols to physical substance. For others, nothing short of the esoteric language of geometry, spoken in symbols and mythological archetypes, can satisfy the souls deep longing to conceive that which they know to be true, but is unspeakable in ordinary terms. The symbols of the mystic philosopher are reduced to personal experience. In either case, none have found The Way to higher consciousness purely through exoteric nor esoteric paths. One complements the other, and only when Absolute Truth is sought through combined avenues with multifaceted understanding, will pure understanding and divine enlightenment present itself.


“Prometheus stole the flame from the gods offering it to mankind until it became common property. At our very best we are ALL carriers of the flame of Prometheus – plagiarizers of the universal theme.”

D. Leavitt

“Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed one from another. The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbor’s, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all.”


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