…Everything that comes from the flesh is animal and follows an animal course; heaven has little influence on it. Only that which comes from the stars is specifically human in us; this is subject to their influence. But that which comes from the spirit, the divine part of man, has been formed in us in the likeness of God, and upon this neither earth nor heaven has any influence…-Paracelsus-

“Think ye also perfect that ye may become perfect…”-Author-

What is reality? Is it defined by SELF, as a part of the ALL with a well mapped, destined plan for the path of our third dimensional existence? Where does free will come into action? What about prophecy?

The mind is influenced by many powerful forces and in and of itself sets up a personal moral system which guides our thoughts and actions. The spirit and soul substance are the primary factors that embue mind with life force. The emotional body carries the memory and traces of all that has happened and based on these experiences, helps the mind determine how to react to given events as they occur based on memory of how similar events felt in the past. In the course of human life, the mind is thereby affected from all our inner human bodies, as well as from outer bodies and influences. Thus, one might ascertain that the mind is the “computing” device of the human – and quite often a battleground of light and darkness as we struggle to spiral beyond the need for polarity during our rise to consciousness.

Often called the “Union and Reunion of Opposites”, polarity is a necessity within our dimension and is seen in all facets of our existence from God/Satan all the way up and down the scale from good/evil, light/darkness, hatred/love, joy/pain, black/white, and all in between. Contrast is important and manifests in every approach we take and it arises in most all decisions that we make. Contrast gives us a means of weighing thought to produce outcome probabilities and take action based on logical assumptions. It is needed in order to make decisions, and to provide boundaries for learning.

But, there comes a point in human development when the need for contrast no longer exists. We define what we have accepted about God (the Knowable/Unknowable) and Satan simply ceases to exist. By our vast life experiences, we teach ourselves a moral code differentiating good and evil. We learn to realize that light and darkness bring forth the same inner result and one is recognizable only by the other. We learn that both black and white are colorless, and that tears of joy are as fierce as tears of pain. It is then that our thinking leads us to balance and we can weave in and out of contrast in life without our inner bodies being immensely altered. We can more easily allow the natural flow of events in our life, guided immensely by the omnipotent spirit/soul which remains untainted by the diversions of contrast in the mind. We become, in essence, master of our house, or captain of the ship, with still waters and all channels flowing harmoniously in the same direction.

The most intense challenge of all in knowing ourSELVES is in mastering the ebb and flow of the emotional body, which is the storage room for excess baggage. The emotional body stores aromas and a myriad of audiovisual imagery to aid the mind in remembering events and in making decisions how to think and feel about what is currently occurring. What we think and feel about situations has a large role in deciding our actions. Therefore, one might conclude that the occurrences of our life and the often unconscious mark they leave upon our emotional body is largely a determining factor in how we think and how we meet the present – and the future.

So, is our life and its events determined by what is fed into the mind via the emotional and spiritual/soul bodies nurtured by physical actualities? Where does the powerful force of free will come into effect? What about destiny? Do our free will decisions based on our thinking create destiny?

The Law of Thought, according to Harold W. Percival, states that thinking is the basic factor in shaping human destiny. Whether evidenced as the law of cause and effect, karma, fate, or heaven and hell, our thinking is the tangible force that creates our perception of the universe and the world around us. This universal law establishes the guidelines by which we live and die, and eventually transcend the need for living and dying. Percival has this to say on thought: “The power of a thought is enormous and superior to all the successive physical acts, objects, and events that body forth its energy. A thought often endures for a time much greater than the whole life of the man who thought it.” As you think, then so you become – and so becomes your destiny!

“This is the law: Every thing existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of thought, which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought, and in accordance with that ones responsibility, at the conjunction of time, condition, and place.” Harold Waldwin Percival

Thus, one could perceive human beings as co-creators of their own existence! Each thought takes tangible form as every creation began first as a thought. This has staggering implications in our multidimensional world as we create both the seen and unseen forces and products around us, as well as live the results of them. It is quite difficult to perceive the enormous power of thought because we cannot always physically see the results. The realms of mind are alive and real and are a powerful force in this dimension with an incessantly active influence on everything and everyone. Thoughts made manifest in the realm of the “universal mind”, a whole dimension in and of itself, perhaps give life to most of the “angels” and “demons” that have roamed and intermingled with human affairs over the course of history. In fact, according to ancient gnostic references, the first beings and the world itself were produced by thought (Pronoia/Ennoia) from the omnipotent mind of creator.

To understand how the mind produces tangible effect, first consider that before a physical creation comes into existence, it is first a notion or an urging in the mind of its creator. It then becomes tangible by action of its creator in the form of an invention – a new product or idea. The same creation occurs on inner planes with thoughts that, given enough mental effort, become manifest in the realm of mind. That creation also becomes a new “product” or “idea” that gains momentum in upper dimensions. Like physical inventions, these products that exist in the realm of the mind remain in existence until they are destroyed or retired by a free will act. Or, they may be superceded by enhanced creations.

The balancing of thought is critical in the course of development – the rise to consciousness. Most teachings advance the need to be in control of what you think, as much as what you do – both being elements of free will. Putting this to practice does not mean that as a human, one is perfected in thought, but that serious will-motivated attempts are made through free will to balance the ones that arise. By paying conscious attention to the way one thinks and what one thinks, a person begins to see personal patterns of thought arise that seek balance and close attention. If not addressed right away, the cause is stored and will seek effect in accordance with fulfillment of the law, because “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This lies in close proximity with the universal law of balance (justice) and The Union and Reunion of Opposites.

In this orderly universe there are no accidents nor coincidences. All actions are exteriorizations of thought, whether balanced or imbalanced. Every product that has been designed and developed, every building that has been built, every book that has been written, every action committed – everything that IS – was first a thought in the mind of a creator. The Hermetic axiom “As Above, So Below” applies on multidimensional levels, including the incessantly active realm of thought. A creation exists within and throughout many dimensions.

So, in accordance with the Law of Thought – what we think and how we balance our thoughts creates our destiny. Our reality of it is measured, produced, and tempered by free will and thought. And, of course, thought is produced by our emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences. The growth of conscious awareness of the multidimensional mind is a personal responsibility and when we understand ourselves as part of that whole, only then can the agent of free will become a deciding factor in how to alter our course. Until we understand the entirety of our personal existence, we flounder forth and back incessantly falling prey to destiny, largely created by past thought and personal decisions. Quite often we are a “seeming” victim of the universal consciousness – the great “Thunder Perfect” mind that shows no mercy, in seeking balance. The successful spiritual warrior champions the “Thunder Perfect” mind, grasping, battling, and finally balancing the entire measure to which entitled. Each new, successive round of the battle creates an even more fierce warrior with even more intense challenge in facing the great, dark dragon. The only effective weapon is the double-edged sword of free will and unconditional love.

What about prophecy? How is the thinking that creates the paradigm of our destiny affected by prophecy? Interwoven through strands of time are elements of truths that we have created for ourselves, our destiny produced by free will and thought. Based on the unified consciousness of humanity, we come forth and produce results in the world that affect and interweave the destiny of others. Thus we create a collective destiny in the realm of the universal mind, perhaps the same that Dr. C.G. Jung referred to as the collective unconsciousness (that deep, unified pool which must be drawn forth according to our personal measure). We go forth in leaps and bounds, taking a step forward, a step backward, rerouting, and travailing the course of life with one great certainty – that third dimensional change and movement is ever occurring on a linear path. But, the universal archetype is circular and the linear timelines we create become but spokes setting into motion the Great Wheel of Life, sometimes called the Wheel of Destiny.

The spirit, largely unbound by the Wheel of Life has its source in a non-linear dimension. Its manifestation along with the soul and emotional/physical bodies that feed the eternal flow of thought produces the mind of prophecy. Moreover, the mind of prophecy is more often called the “spirit of prophecy”. Residing within the self-producing realm of light it can “see” into the Wheel of Life we have created and provide enlightened input into the spiritually attuned SELF to produce foresight, usually for practical and meaningful purposes, never to be confused with “fortunetelling” (an ability that comes from the under-developed, intuitive faculties of denser realms).

The infamous, fifteenth-century German physician and alchemical philosopher, Philippus Aureolus Threophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, stated that man is “one part temporal, the other part eternal, and each part takes its light from God and that there is nothing that does not have its origin in God.” Therefore, as he plainly states in the astrum, “in man who is made the image of God, can be found both the cause and the medicine”. Contained within human nature is both light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness). Paracelsus is also quoted as having said:

“Man has a natural light, but also a light outside the light of nature by which he can seek out supernatural things… And it should be known that when a man prophesies, he does not speak from the Devil and not from the Holy Spirit, but from the innate spirit of the invisible body in which man has his origin.”

It is this innate spirit of our origin that enables prophecy to manifest – based on the observations made from the realm of light. We create the Wheel of Destiny by our free will thoughts and actions, and prophecy exists partly to help us see and correct the balance of that which we have created. Prophecy also exists to help humankind see the salvatory plan of heaven for our lives, to help us see the interdimensional existence of the universal mind, and to guide our thinking toward a higher, unified consciousness that transcends the smallness of what we have grown to think of ourselves, and most of all – to point us toward the highest divinity.

Thinking, destiny, free will, and prophecy all combine as universal, multidimensional tools to endow the mind with the ability to see and reach beyond itself. These tools can work in harmony to produce a pathway to harmonious existence and immense growth within the spirit, or they can disharmonize and manifest the many spokes in the Wheel of Life which remains in motion until the adept learns to ride and not push.

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